I’m a Chronic Masturbator and Attracted to Married Women

Dear Love Doctor,

Please, can you advice me on these two things?

1. I started masturbating and watching porn from when I was a teenager — 12, 13,14 — and it’s been really difficult to stop it. Like, I’m neck-deep into this stuff. I really need to get out.

It has affected my relationships, my career, my entire life. Any time I see a woman, I start imagining how it will be like having sex with them, the style that will suit them and the way they would moan. I eventually end up using their faces to masturbate. I can’t count the number of women I’ve had sex with in my head.

Somebody Should Please help me.


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2. Recently, I noticed that I’m attracted to married women. This  attraction is something else.

I work as a barber, one time I had to pretend that my clipper is bad just to delay one of my married crush who came with her son. This woman is everything I look for in a woman.

I’ll be admiring her while giving her son a haircut. When she tries to look at my direction I quickly take my eyes away.

I really need help, Sir!

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