How to Attract the Right Man to Your Life

I need a boyfriend

Every woman needs a man in her life. No matter how successful you are as a woman, without a man in your life, something important is missing. I remember visiting one of my friends who’s very successful. I told her how happy I was about her achievement, that I was proud of her. She looked at me, took a deep breath, and said “I want a boyfriend”. 

I never understood what my friend (Esther) meant when she said she needed a boyfriend. But when I got home, I reflected on our discussion, and I understood the role men play in ladies’ life. So, in this article, I will share with you the tips on how to attract the right man in your life. 

I Want a Boyfriend – Strategic Ways to Attract the Right Man to Your Life

I can’t deny the fact that there are terrible guys out there. They are never serious about relationships, all they need is what is in between your legs. 

However, not all guys are bad. We still have some nice, trustworthy, and reliable guys out there. The question is, how do you attract the right man? Here are some of the strategic ways to attract the right man to your life. 

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#1. Invest in Personal Development

There’s no way you can attract a man with great potential if you aren’t making any effort to develop yourself. It’s advisable to become the best version of yourself so that the right man can come into your life. After all, “like attracts like.”

If you want to attract your future hubby anytime soon, work on improving yourself. Let me tell you the story of Crystal. Crystal had a terrible relationship experience in most part of her life. She always attracts guys who never had good intentions about her. 

She had a series of heartbreak until she met an online relationship counsellor. The counsellor advised Crystal to improve herself. She invested in herself, changed some of her bad habits, and started living her life to the fullest. 

Guess what happened? Within a few months, Crystal met a guy online and the relationship became serious. And on her 34th birthday, Paul (the guy she met online) engaged her and they got married December, 2019. 

Don’t get me wrong, Crystal’s story is not a fiction, she is someone I know personally. Learn from her experience, empower yourself and strive towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

#2. Be Confident

Most girls will always say “I want a boyfriend”, but they aren’t doing anything about it. Well, let me tell you a secret, guys love ladies that are very confident. If you are confident and have a high self-esteem, you tend to attract the right guy. 

During my NYSC in 2014, there was this corper (Francisca) who had great confidence in herself. She so much believed in herself that some guys sometimes felt intimidated when she speaks. Most of the youth corpers then were flocking after her because of her confidence and high self-esteem. 

At a time, other girls in the lodge were jealous of her. But she didn’t give a fu*ck about anybody. She would always do her thing without trying to please anybody. I admired her then because of her legendary confidence. Even the principal of the school I did my NYSC had high regards for her. 

Again, let me quickly clarify something here. There’s a difference between being disrespectful and being confident. Try to understand these two terms. 

No man can be with you for a long time, if you are disrespectful. But when you have self-confidence, every man wants to spend time with you. It doesn’t matter whether you are ugly or not, men find beauty in your self-confidence. 

#3. Let Go of the Guy You Don’t Want

This is another area you must work on if you want to attract the right man to your life. You can tell me “I want a boyfriend who will take me down the aisle” and still be with someone you know you can’t marry. Don’t you know that he can’t distract other men from coming to you? Sadly, it’s a reality most ladies don’t know. 

So, stop hanging out with guys you know there’s no future between you and them. Try to make friends with the kind of guys you want in your life. You don’t want to marry an alcoholic guy, yet all your boyfriends are drunkards. You are just deceiving yourself. 

#4. Be the Kind of Person You Want to Attract

If you want to attract a man who’s sincere, reliable, and trustworthy. You must first work on yourself to become that person. Once you are that person, you can start attracting honest and trustworthy people. 

So, whatever kind of man you need in a relationship, try to become the female version of him. For instance, if you want to be with a man who is financially independent, you have to work on your finances. Get yourself a good job or lucrative business, when you have a healthy financial status, you can attract wealthy men. 

#5. Look for Friendship

The best type of relationship is the one that started as friendship. With this, you can attract the right person who genuinely wants to be with you for the right reason. And when friendship turns into relationship, it’s usually very interesting. Do you know why? It’s because both of you won’t want to hurt each other because you aren’t just lovers but also friends. 

#6.Try to Be Authentic on Social Media

There’s something most ladies fail to understand – how you conduct yourself on social media determine the kind of guys you attract on the platform. If you are fond of giving fake impressions about yourself online, you are most likely going to attract fake friends online. 

But if you are sincere and authentic about who you are online, you will surely attract like-minded people. 

These are some of the strategic ways to attract the right man to your life. Don’t just complain that “I want a boyfriend”, strive towards becoming the better version of yourself. 

If you implement some of the things I share in this article, you will attract the perfect man in your life. 

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