I Left an Abusive Marriage But My Siblings Aren’t Supportive

Good evening, Sir.

Sometime ago, I was in one hell of a marriage, but recently, I moved out with my daughter.

To be honest, I have not had the kind of peace I have now ever since I left.

To the Glory of God, I was able to rent a small apartment for my child and I, and I have set up a small business that gives us at least 50,000 every month, but there’s a problem.

The problem is that my siblings won’t let me be. They’ve made it a point of duty to keep reminding me nonstop that there are women who are going through worse things than I went through who are still in their husband’s house.

In fact, I called my elder brother recently to ask him to let me have one of his old phones, because the phone I am using currently is very bad.


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It is so bad that I can hardly see anything.

Words can’t express how hurtful the words of my brother were. You need to hear him rain abuses on me.

I can’t seem to control my tears ever since. The thought of it alone makes me burst into fresh sobs.

Sincerely, I need all the encouragement I can get; and answers too.

Was my decision to leave my husband foolish?

Did I take the wrong step?

Was choosing my niece’s innocence and safety over his immoral desire wrong?

Should I have stayed back and endured the physical, emotional and verbal abuse because I vowed “for better, for worse”?

Please, help me!

I’m losing my mind!

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