I had Sex With My Sister’s Husband Long ago, He’s Back for More

Dear Love Doctor,

An incident happened when I went to my sister’s house after she gave birth. My mother was sick so I was the one who went there to help her take care of her baby.

One night after doing all my chores, I was tired and went to rest. While I slept, I felt someone beside me, gently snuggling and cuddling me as I slept. When I woke up it was my sister’s husband.

He started begging me that I have sec with him, because since my sister gave birth he has been sex starved and he couldn’t get himself to cheat on her since she was his wife and the mother of his child.

I told him I can’t do such a thing, but he proceeded to kneel down and cry at my feet. I felt really sorry for him, so I moved to his side and hugged him.

He took it as a cue and started kissing me which I responded to. One thing led to the other and we found ourselves on the bed, panting, sweating and moaning out of pleasure.

We had sex that night, and throughout my stay, I allowed him to quench his thirst off me. This is because I thought I was helping my sister so her husband wouldn’t cheat on her outside.


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The bone of contention now is that I am married, and during one of our sisters’ traditional marriages, we all went to the village.

When I was dressing up, my sister’s husband came inside. I thought he would excuse himself but he did not.

People were outside making arrangements for the occasion, he came to me and told me he missed me, and he almost kissed me but I refused, he was somewhat aghast.

Currently, I don’t know if I should tell my sister or my husband, because I just realized he doesn’t want it to stop.

He sent me a message that he wanted us to go down on each other again and I reminded him that I am married.

He countered it with “it doesn’t matter.”

Love Doctor, please tell me how to handle this. I know I made a mistake in the past but I don’t want to have sec with him again even though I am always thinking about him.

What should I do?

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