I Beat My Husband Sister Now His Family Has Summoned Me

Dear Love Doctor,

I need your advice on this issue.

I am married to a man who happens to be the first son. He has 4 younger siblings.

I am older than all his siblings. One of his sisters was a frequent visitor to our home. I did my best to make her feel at home.

For instance I never asked her to do any house work to help me because I feel it is my home and I would do my house work anyway even if she was not around.

I allowed her complete freedom in the kitchen to dish her own food and eat whatever she wanted.

Last week she came to my home and collected my slippers without telling me. When I noticed I called her to bring it that I haven’t worn it before, instead she told me it’s her brother’s money and I don’t have right to ask her to bring it back.


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I didn’t react. Just yesterday she came in and went to my kitchen to dish out food, I was already mad at her, so I went there and took the food from her and emptied it in the dustbin and told her not to ever try that nonsense again.

This girl slapped me, in my husband’s house! A girl I am older than with 5 years.

I couldn’t take it so I beat her blue and black, gave her bruises.

My husband came back I told him everything that happened, he blamed me why I didn’t let him know she took my slippers, I apologize to him that I left it because it was nothing.

My mother in-law invited me over but my husband said I should not go, that if they want to see me they should come to our home. I don’t know if I should go behind him or just let them do their worst.

Please, did I overreact?

How do I handle the issue?

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