How to Tell If Your Husband Is In Love With Another Woman

If married women have the opportunity to choose any superpower of their choice; a reasonable number of them would choose how to tell if their husband is in love with another woman.

This feeling of insecurity lies innate.  They would always want to connect stray dots following their husbands behavioral patterns. And in the process fathom the unfathomable.

However, chances are that their fear may be true or it might just be their paranoia lying to them.

This topic can easily pass as a controversial one. Perhaps, it’s because there are several articles on the topic with very little or no variations in its regard.

Is it possible for a woman to tell if her husband is in love with another woman? Yes, but there is no written handbook with streamlined steps that must be followed.

However, there are signs that when watched out for could be pointing towards that direction.

Maintaining a relationship requires a lot of effort from both parties;  otherwise,  the love  fades. Hence the need to be intentional about it.

So, this takes a high level of commitment to remain exclusively someone’s without having to look outside.

We all know that attraction is a normal thing, but the magnitude of the attraction could be a game changer.

Without further ado, here are signs to help you know if your husband is cheating.

How to Tell If Your Husband is In Love With Another Woman  


If you notice signs of withdrawal from your partner who was once all over you, it’s possible he’s channeling is attention to someone else.

But you have to make this observation carefully. I mean, think of the type of man you always know him to be. And compare him to the type of person he’s gradually becoming.

Like I said, do well to observe closely to ensure you are not interpreting things wrongly. Sometimes, his withdrawal may be due to work related stress and pressure.

Be sure to know that withdrawal could come in different forms, ranging from physical distance to lack of communication or not showing attention as before, even.

However while making these observations, follow your instincts. Having your husband fall in love with another woman is one thing.

But giving you the impression that he fell for another woman is another thing.  So, differentiating between the two is necessary.


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His Phone Becomes a More Personal Property

Careful! For some people their phones are always personal. But if you start to notice an extra guardedness when it comes to his phone, he may be in love with another woman.

To most experts, when your hubby guards his phone unnecessarily, that’s how to tell that if your husband is in love with another woman.

When he spends more time with his phone at night. And hardly makes the mistake of dropping the phone where you might get a hold of it.

If his phone is always in his hands or inside his pockets and he excuses himself whenever he needs to receive calls.

Or he suddenly protects his phone with a password. When all this is happening, it calls for concerns.

He Mentions her Name Unconsciously

If your husband goes “Jenny, take a look at this. . .” while showing you something he’d want you to say something about. But your name is Mary, that’s a red flag.

This happens unconsciously and probably in your intimate moments as a couple. He brings up her name a number of times, it calls for concerns.

In most cases, he might even apologize like a gentleman and swear that it was just slip of tongue.

And that he didn’t know her beyond her name or that he isn’t attracted to her, even before you say anything about the issue. Look into it.

You know what they say about guilty conscience? Exactly what I thought.


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He Gets Defensive

If he sees everything you do, every conversation you want to initiate as you being intrusive. He gets edgy and tries to hush you up with “you’re just being paranoid,” then something is wrong.

Well, that is also how to tell if your husband is in love with another woman.

Because a harmless “how did you spend your day?” Doesn’t deserve a defensive response like “where else would I be if not work? I don’t even have enough time for myself let alone any other woman.”

Remember, you didn’t ask about any other woman. This could also mean that he gets angry easily at any slight provocation.

He Lies About his Whereabouts

It can be an  indication that your husband is falling in love with another woman; If he lies about his whereabouts or takes extra time to get things done outside the house.

Don’t forget, men lie about their whereabouts when they are trying to be secretive.

Most times when you try to have a conversation about his new secretive lifestyle, he turns it into a full-blown argument.

He Questions your Loyalty

Yes! You read that right.

Still wondering how to tell if your husband is in love with another woman? Well, when he starts questioning your loyalty, you don’t need a soothsayer to know that something is not right.

This is because cheaters tend to think that like them, everyone else is a cheat.

And he probably realized how easy it is for one to get attracted to someone else. He wouldn’t want you to do that, he gets jealous.

The guilt alone easily makes him doubtful of your loyalty.

Falling in love with another woman doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t want you anymore.

He Starts Comparing You With Other Women.

This could be another indication that your husband is falling out with you.

Be concerned if he starts comparing you with other women.

If suddenly, your husband thinks you’re not as attractive as some other woman. He goes ahead to shamelessly compare features and attributes.

If this is happening, you don’t need a private investigator to know that he’s in love with someone else. I mean, someone who has the attributes he is comparing and contrasting with yours.

It is salient to understand that individuals vary, however people don’t change overnight.

Change starts in small bits until it goes full-blown and obvious.

It is your duty to observe closely if by any inclination you feel that your husband is falling in love with someone to notice these micro changes and adjustments that he begins to make.

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