How to Tell If a Man Wants a Relationship or Just a Hook-up

When you can tell what a man wants from you in the beginning, it makes your decision to stay or quit a relationship so much easier to make. It is why we’ll be addressing How to Tell If a Man Wants a Relationship or Just a Hook-up this article.


Contrary to what many people say or know, you need to understand once and for all that, men always know what they want from a lady when they meet her. Don’t get it wrong, they are the most calculating, deliberate, and strong-willed gender.


Maybe in some rare cases, their feelings could develop into something else. However, most of the time, they already know whether a lady is for keeps or for playing around with from the first meeting.


So, your action or inaction is of little importance when it comes to changing a man’s decision about you.


Now that we know the fact, how to tell if a man wants a relationship or just a hook-up? See the signs listed below to find out.


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Signs that a man wants a relationship with you:


  1. He Will Be Honest About his Feelings

When a man wants a relationship, he’ll be upfront about his intentions, will not beat around the bush, nor wait for you to start asking questions like, what are we? Or where is this relationship heading to?


The issue of lack of time or dishonesty won’t come up. You wouldn’t have to worry that you’re not talking enough or that the conversations you’re having are mostly about sex, weather, celebrity gossip, or everything unserious.


He’ll constantly be willing to share details about his past, family, friendships, investments, former relationships, heartbreaks, insecurities, and other little details of his daily life. And importantly, he’ll expect you to do the same with him.


Also, even when it’s uncomfortable for him, he’ll make time to check up on you, send thoughtful messages, listen, and soothe you when needed. Even if it’s via texts or chats, he’ll be proactive and dedicated to sharing details of his day and expecting the same from you.


You wouldn’t have to try to please him via words or actions, nor would you constantly try to get his attention. The communication will just come unforced and natural.


  1. He Will Include You in His Plans for the Future


When a man starts to ask you questions like – Are you family-oriented? Would you like to be a stay-at-home mother or career lady?

Do you have saving targets? How many children do you want? How do you want our children spaced?


Are you up for running a family business? Is religion important to you? What are your deal breakers in a relationship? What happened with your ex?


Do you believe in bringing in third parties into a relationship? Are you a fan of small or big weddings? How do you handle a boyfriend who just lost his job?


Just know that he’s checking to know of your choices and preferences and to see how your future aligns with his.


Importantly, he’s making adjustments mentally to try to fit his goals around the answers you’ve shared.


If he’s encouraging you to bring your things over, offers you a spare key to his apartment, talks about his investments, how members of his family would love you, what your dream home looks like, then he has long-term in mind for you.


  1. He Will Introduces You to His Friends and Family


how to tell if a man wants a relationship or just a hook-up, pay close attention to this section. Even though meeting his friends and family isn’t a guarantee to a relationship or marriage; when he’s secretive about you, it’s either he’s ashamed of you or doesn’t have serious plans concerning you.


If a man actually introduces you to his people, it means that he’s considering a future with you and is serious about getting to know you for the long haul.


Except the man lacks discipline, but no one would want to introduce casual flings to the important people in his life over and over again.


An introduction with his tribe shows that he feels comfortable in your presence, is proud of how you appear and think and wants to show you off, and wants to get the honest opinions of the people that he considers important to him.


Getting an invitation is an indication that he’s taking things seriously with you and that he’s been talking about you a lot to his friends and family.


Anything other than this suggests that you’re living in whatever fantasy you’ve created by yourself.


  1. He will Willingly Spend on You


If a man is interested in you, rest assured that he will spend his money on you.


His spending on you is a sign that he respects and treasures you, is intentional about you and wants to find out what gives you pleasure outside of the bedroom.


You’ll see it in how he constantly plans dates, creates time for you in his schedule, and sends you presents because he’ll always want you to look good and feel good.


It’s also a thing of pleasure for a man to see his woman in the things he got for her. It’ll make him feel like he’s doing something worthwhile with his resources.


He doesn’t have to wait until he has all the money in the world before he loves you with his words and actions. And from this, you can tell how a rich man will treat you from his days of little beginnings.


Giving is also an indication that he’s listening and paying attention to the tiny details. Imagine getting you a pillow as a gift because he’s heard you complain of how uncomfortable yours is; or getting you a photochromic lens because he’s noticed you working on your laptop for hours.


That’s thoughtfulness and intentionality!


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Signs That a Man Just Wants to Hook-up With You:


  1. He Will Be Vague About Relationship Talks


When you ask where your relationship is headed, he’ll always reply vaguely or try to avoid the conversation entirely.


You’re never certain where you stand with him, but he’s smart enough to leave you with breadcrumbs that have you swallowing his treatment.


The most likely reason for doing this is because he considers you a plaything he isn’t tired of yet. (You’re giving him the sex really good!) Or because he’s trying not to hurt your feelings but still wants you around.


You’ll be certain he’s doing this to you when your meetings are centered around his timeline or when you always have to do what he wants and never what you want.


  1. He Will Not Ask Serious Questions About You


Men who aren’t serious about the ladies they’re with will never ask intimate and personal questions about them. At best, they’ll only ask ordinary questions and leave things at that stage.


They don’t care if you’re hurting if you have personal issues, what happened with your ex, or why you prefer apples to pineapples.


Even when you say something that is obviously strange and messed up, he most likely won’t notice. He’ll agree with whatever you say or look the other way so far he’s having you sexually.


If he’s this way with you, sex is high up on his list, and you’re not getting the relationship or marriage question any time soon.


  1. He Will Never Ask You Out on Dates


Simply put, to him, you’re not worth being seen with, to be taken out, or to have him spend his money on.


Because dates signal some level of commitment and intimacy, he’s careful to avoid that part with you. He will not want you getting ideas that there’s anything cute between you both or worth pursuing with him.


And if you think dates are your problems, it gets worse when you realize he’s never shown you off to any of his friends or members of his family.


This is because he doesn’t want to go beyond having sex with you. Plus, meeting his tribe is like openly endorsing you or the relationship. And because he doesn’t have long-term plans with you in mind, he’ll avoid this at all costs.


  1. He Will Always Steer the Relationship Towards Sex


You won’t experience the cool things of life with him. There won’t be trying out new restaurants or cool spots, laughing over ridiculous movies, eating by the roadside and purging together, or doing karaoke together.


It’ll always be sex, sex, and more sex between you both. There’ll be nothing concrete addressing what you’re doing together, how you spent your days, or if something’s bothering either of you.


Even when you try to steer your conversations towards non-sexual activities, he’ll find a way to slot sex and flirtatious statements in.


Men who want relationships will make efforts to spend time with their women outside of the bedroom. They would want to find out what makes you tick or angry.


Believe it, the signs on how to tell if a man wants a relationship or just a hook-up is always there. It’s you that’s either choosing to play along, ignore them, or ho

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