How to Stay Safe When Meeting a Nigerian Guy You Met Online

Online dating is something that has come to stay. But if you ever decide to meet up with any Nigerian guy from the internet, you must be extra careful. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to paint Naija guys evil.

 But with things happening around and activities of ritualists, It’s advisable to be careful when meeting somebody you met online. You can find your soulmate online. Yeah, my friend, who recently got married, met her husband on Facebook. 

However, you can never be too careful when meeting someone online for the first time. Don’t forget that the person might have an ulterior motive. Also, he could be genuine with his intention. Whatever her purpose is, it’s good to be prepared and stay safe. 

In this article, you will learn how to stay safe when meeting a Nigerian Guy from the internet. 

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Tips To Stay Safe When Meeting A Nigerian Guy You Met From The Internet

#1. Research About Him Before Agreeing To Meet

The first thing you should do when meeting a Nigerian guy from the internet is to research about him. Most often than none, the guy may not give you enough information about himself. 

Well, Google makes a whole lot of things easier. You can search his name on Google, trust me a whole lot of information about the person will pop up. You can see more of his pictures and some other relevant information. 

From the research, you will have a rough idea of the kind of person you are meeting. And if you think the guy’s lifestyle is the rugged type, then you should decline meeting him physically. 

#2. Don’t Give Out Personal Information About Yourself

You don’t give much information about yourself when dating someone online. As a rule, never share personal information that can be used against you. 

If I were you, I’d never share information like places I always visit, where my family members live, and my salary, to saw one I just met online. It’s a rookie mistake that could be very dangerous. 

#3. Make A Video Call With Him

Most times, people use fake images on their online profiles. So, ensure you make a video call with a Nigerian guy before agreeing to meet. The essence of the video call is to ascertain that the person is who he claims he is. 

Also, ensure that the voice on the audio call is the same as that on video calls. If not, then something is fishing. Avoid such a meeting because the guy could be dangerous. 

Do you think I’m judging too quickly? Okay, what could make a guy be faking his identity to the woman he claims to love? Well, I will leave that for you to answer. 

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#4. Plan Your Meeting

Ensure you plan your meeting very well. The first thing you should do is to fix your meeting point in a public place. Somewhere very busy where he can’t try to make some dangerous move. 

Never agree to meet with a Nigerian guy from the internet in private or secluded places like a hotel or their houses. Many girls have lost their lives because of this and others have been raped. 

Some guys may seem very friendly and genuine online. But behind this niceness could be someone seriously hunting for the next ritual victim. So, be very careful, don’t allow them to use you to buy Lexus gift. 

Again, you can share your location with your friends and family using your phone. And if you can go with any of your friends, that won’t be a bad idea. Hey, don’t overdo it. Just because I said, you should carry your friends didn’t mean you should go there with a bevy of ladies. 

#5. Tell Someone Else About The Date

Don’t be secretive about meeting someone from the internet. Tell one or two persons about the date, the location, and when you are supposed to be back. 

If you tell someone about the date, he or she can raise the alarm when you didn’t return at the expected time. It gives you confidence once you know that people are aware of your date. And find a way of telling your partner indirectly that people are aware of the date. 

#6. Don’t Go With Your Car

Taking public transport is safer when meeting someone from the internet. When things go wrong, you can easily find your way back home using public transport. Even if you decide to go with your car, try to park it in a way that you can quickly move it in case of anything

#7. Don’t Drink Too Much

Most ladies are victims of this. How can you drink too much when meeting a guy from the internet for the first time? 

Don’t forget that the guy may have an ulterior motive. If possible, avoid taking alcohol to remain active throughout the date. And once you notice that he’s trying to make you drink too much, end the meeting immediately. 

#8. Carry a Pepper Spray

I hope you don’t have to use this, but it’s better to stay safe than sorry. Just be prepared in case the guy is trying to do some hanky panky, use the pepper spray and escape. Ensure you blocked such person from contacting you again. 

You can never be too careful when meeting a Nigerian guy from the internet. Always remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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