How to Make Your Ex Want You Back | 7 Unique Tricks

You are thinking about how to make your ex want you back, isn’t it? 


But the question is, why did you leave them in the first place? I don’t expect you to answer that anyway. 


Perhaps, you now want them back because you keep seeing stunning and mind-blowing pictures of them online every day. 


They seem to be doing better. More beautiful/handsome. And, of course, they are now the best version of themselves. 


It suddenly dawned on you that perhaps, leaving them was a mistake. 


You are now regretting the breakup you had several years ago. 


And you keep telling yourself, “only if I were more patient with him/her”?


Now you wish you could turn back the hands of time to make things right. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the hands of time. 


But you can still make things right. 


I mean, you can still make your ex want you back, irrespective of the circumstances behind your breakup or divorce. 


The best part of it? Following the tips in this article will teach you how to make your ex want you back without talking to him. 


You will become their greatest fantasy, and they will do anything to have a moment with you. 


Some people call it Okafor law. 


Anyways, I’m not interested in the name. 


I’m only interested in the result. 


So, are you ready to make your ex want you back? Follow these simple tricks. 


How to Make Your Ex Want You Back 


#1. Get Some Space 


You need to be your best self to make your ex want you back or regret leaving you. And to do this, you need some space. 


I understand this can be very difficult, especially if you have been with the person for so long. 


Sometimes, the more you try to give them space, the more eager you are to be with them. 


You may think the entire breakup or divorce is a dream, and you may even encourage yourself that everything is not real. 


That is why it’s advisable to give some space so that you can heal properly. 


If you are still stalking your ex and looking for ways to bump into them, you will never heal. 


You will keep living in denial and give yourself false hope. 


I understand that breakups or divorces come with a lot of negative emotions. 


From being angry unnecessarily to being sad and devastated, it takes only experience to understand those feelings. 


But if you still lurk around, you may never heal. 


However, when you give them time and stay away from them as much as possible. You will heal and forget about them in no time. 


At this point, the memories you have of them will gradually fade. 


Until you muster the courage to give your ex space, you will find it difficult to heal after a breakup. 


In a nutshell, give yourself some space before you learn how to make your ex want you back. 


#2. Be Happy And Appreciate Yourself 


Many people blame themselves after a breakup. In fact, they hate themselves and think that something is fundamentally wrong with them. 




How on earth will someone think of that?


I mean, how would people blame themselves for a relationship that didn’t work out?


Unfortunately, I don’t know why you feel bad. But you can’t blame yourself for a relationship that didn’t work out. 


It could be that you guys didn’t have the same value system. Perhaps, it’s because they couldn’t stand your energy. 


Regardless of the reason for the breakup, NEVER BLAME YOURSELF.


I get it! You love your ex and, of course, miss them. 


And you think your world will crumble because they left you. 


Damn! That is so not true. 


You will forget whether they ever existed in no time. 


Sometimes, relying too much on your partner can seriously threaten your relationship. 


So, before you try to reach out to your ex again, ensure you are happy. 


I mean, you are genuinely happy with yourself being alone. And, of course, this happiness should reflect in your appearance, speech, and conduct. 


Carry with you a vibe that makes everybody happy and wants to talk to you. 


In reality, you are the only person who can fix your unhappy situation and turn it into joy. 


Remember! When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of them. 


Several people out there can’t spend a week without being in a relationship. 


Sadly, this is unhealthy and toxic and could easily make anybody get bored of you. 


Learn to spend time alone and enjoy your time alone. Reflect on the world and meditate more on things that could make you happy. 


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#3. Know Why Things Ended 


Before you start doing your research on how to make your ex want you back without talking, you need to know why things ended. 


Sometimes, your partner may tell you why things ended. But most times, you may not know. 


And if that is how your relationship ended, it’s your responsibility to figure it out. 


Do a mental review of your entire relationship. Take note of when you started noticing changes in your partner. 


All these will give you a clue of why things ended. And they will become valuable lessons to learn from in your next relationship. Or if your ex decides to return. 


In most cases, you and your ex possibly ended things due to poor communication. Lack of respect for each other could also be one of the reasons. 


You could work things out if you ended things with your ex due to poor communication and lack of respect. 


I mean, you learning how to make your ex want you back is worth it. 


All you guys have to do is devise means for better communication and ensure that you prioritize each other’s feelings. 


In most cases, getting your ex back without talking to them is better. 


So, before making that move, take a while to analyze your relationship with them. 


Did they ever complain of being unhappy? If yes, which step did you take to rectify that?


Again, did you guys argue and disagree a lot?


If yes, what was the root cause of most of your arguments? Are some of these differences reconcilable?


Once you figure out your relationship’s problems, ask yourself if you are willing to work on these issues.


If your answer is yes, then take the next tip seriously. 


#4. Have a Plan


Whenever I discuss the topic – how to make your ex want you back, people often think it’s not possible. 


Well, let me convince you with these statistics. 


About 80 percent of divorced couples remarry after their break up. And 6 percent of couples who marry and get divorced often come back together. 


So, it’s possible if you are serious about getting your ex to want you back. All you have to do is to have a plan. 


You need to have relationship goals and establish clear-cut boundaries from the beginning. 

Take time and ask yourself questions like; 


What is that thing I would love to avoid should we get back together? How are both of us going to establish healthy boundaries to make our relationship healthier and better?


The answer to these questions will help you devise a strategy to build a future with your ex. 


But when you guys are trying to reconcile and come back together, you may want to take physical intimacy slowly. 


Otherwise, your ex may think it’s a one-time fling. And this could further break your heart into pieces. 


When it becomes obvious that you both need physical intimacy, have proper communication about it. 


You and your ex need to be on the same page before having any intimate moment with them. 


Who knows, they may be in a new relationship or talking to someone else. So, you must clarify some of these before getting intimate with your ex. 


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#5. Avoid Making The Same Mistakes 


One of the best tips on how to make your ex want you back is to avoid the same mistakes. 


Getting your ex back is not the issue; the real issue is making the same mistakes that led to the earlier breakup. 


And that is why it’s important to find out what went wrong in your relationship. During this moment of reflection, you will point out things you could have done differently. 


If it was communication or lack of attention, bring the issues to the table. Discuss it extensively like adults and reach a middle ground that will benefit both parties. 


If you can’t reach a meaningful conclusion regarding communication, disrespect, and attention, coming back together won’t work. 


And when you guys eventually come together, the relationship won’t work. That is because both parties don’t want to make a compromise for the relationship. 

However, if you guys parted ways because your love for each other fade, there you need to use a different approach.

First find out what makes your love for each other fade in the first place. After which, you work on yourself to be more attractive.


#6. Have More Quality Me Time 


Ideally, you should dedicate the period between your break up and your next relationship to self-discovery. 

Spend quality time with yourself. Being alone is a great way to see the world differently. 


It will help you to discover yourself and become the best version of yourself. 


People who spend time alone have better mental strength, increased happiness, better life satisfaction, and improved stress management. 


It doesn’t matter how heartbroken and depressed you are right now. Spending time alone will help you regain yourself. 


You may be really, very busy right now. But if you dedicate an hour to solitude today, you will be glad you did. 


Your nerves will be calm, and everything will make sense to you. 


Even though you and your ex eventually get back together, prioritize self-care. Spend more time taking care of yourself, meditating, and reflecting on the world around you. 


With this habit, you will be more attractive, and your ex will find you irresistible. 


Remember that happiness is contagious. So, whenever you are happy, people around you will be happy. 


And this aura will automatically make you the cynosure of everybody. 


#7. Get Their Attention Again 


Don’t get distracted. We are still discussing how to make your ex want you back. 


So, once you can work on yourself and become a better version of who you were before the breakup, you should try getting your ex’s attention. 


Don’t make it appear as if you are at their beck and call. Nah! That strategy will only make things more difficult for you. 


Additionally, avoid texting or calling them regularly. Maintain your distance, and avoid them as much as possible. 


Once you aren’t there and not reaching out, they will start missing you. In fact, they would have no option but reminisce on the best time you guys had together. 


And these thoughts will make them wonder what you have been up to lately. 


If they still have an iota of feelings for you, they will eventually notice how amazing you were and what they missed. 


They may contact you and possibly ask for a drink together. Well, you understand your ex better than myself. 


But if you eventually agree to hang out with them, don’t sound too eager. Take things very slowly during the first few outings. 


During such hangouts, be as casual as possible. Don’t say things that will make you appear desperate. 


Remember, desperation is not attractive, but a calm demeanor is attractive and exceptional. 


Again, don’t be too available whenever they want to hang out with you. Try and make yourself scarce. 


As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”




Now you understand how to make your ex want you back. So, what next? Are you going to apply them in your relationship?


Do you think your ex is worth the time and effort? Are you guys ever coming back together?


Just know that no relationship on health is perfect. There will always be ups and downs.


There will be challenging times and days you don’t wish to continue. 


But if you guys have excellent communication and respect each other, you will always find a way to make things work. 


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