3 Psychological Ploys To Make Someone Miss You!

There are levels to this missing tricks, you just have to be on the right track

1. Make Her Toes Curl

Listen guys, we have to get down to brass tacks, and we need to get some squeamishness out of the way.

So here it goes: boobies, butts, peepees, cooters. Okay, now stop giggling and listen up; it’s about to get real.

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but the secret’s out: girls love doing the hokey pokey – ya know … a little belly bumping; doing the dipsy doodle; a little jingle-jangle – just as much as guys do.


2. The Big Squeeze

We often tell you about how important physical touch is to get a girl to like you. And of course, it’s literally one of the body language tricks to get her to chase you. But did you know touch is a great tool to make someone miss you?

Here’s how it works: If you’re in the early stages, a strong, cozy hug can make a girl feel safe in your arms. And as long as you smell nice, she’ll get a whiff every time you get in close.

As time goes on and things get more serious, being in your arms will be one of the places she’s happiest… And whenever she’s sad or lonely, the only thing she’ll want to do, is cuddle up with you.

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