How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Unlike what most people think, a long-distance relationship is really very easy these days. As a matter of fact, technological advancement has made communication among partners in a distance relationship more interesting. In this article, you will learn how to make long distance relationship work.

Gone are those days when you have to write a letter and wait for a response in a month time. You can now maintain a level of closeness with your partner via phone calls, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, and other communication media.

So, with these modern technologies, long-distance relationships have become so easy. This article will focus on how to make a long-distance relationship work without stress.

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Tips On How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work 

#1. Maintain Contact

One of the tips on how to make long distance relationship work is to maintain contact. Ensure that you call or skype each at least once in two days.

Furthermore, you can send text messages, direct message on twitter, facebook or chat on WhatsApp. Also, try to make video calls this will help to maintain a level of closeness in the relationship.

#2. Learn To Handle Issues Maturely

Like all relationships, a long distance relationship has its own challenge. So, learn to handle issues maturely without escalating them.

At the initial stage, the relationship may witness initial growing pains, learn to overcome them and stay together. With this in mind, any long distance relationship will definitely stand the test of time.

#3. Trust

Trust is a foundation upon which every relationship is built and long distance is not an exception. Remember, you and your partner will definitely be living separate lives while apart.

Therefore, you must learn to trust your partner without an iota of doubt. Even though you start hearing the names of their new friends in the place they live, don’t be too paranoid and suspicious. You can always talk it out.

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#4. Discuss Critical Issues Over The Phone

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is always advisable to discuss critical issues over the phone.

Never send a text message to express your annoyance to your partner. Rather give feedback on issues bothering the relationship over the phone. With this, you can settle issues amicably without complicating them.

#5. Set Some Ground Rules

Ground-rule is also a great tip on how to make long distance relationship work. Make the expectation of the relationship clear and the beginning.

Also, you must both respect the ground rules, as they will serve as a compass leading the relationship to the right direction.

The ground rule should address issues like the exclusiveness of the relationship, commitment level etc. It is better to be very clear about these issues at the beginning.

#6. Be More Creative In Your Communication

Creative communication is another important ingredient that spice up long-distance relationship.

It is not all about communicating but communicate creatively. Send romantic voice messages, short video clips, interesting pictures and many more.

#7. Always Avoid Dangerous Situations

This is an area that most people get it wrong in a long distance relationship. Never do what your partner doesn’t like.

For instance, if your partner frowns at going to nightclubs, never do it without his knowledge. Issues like this will lead to suspicious and lack of trust. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid dangerous situations.

Once your partner starts feeling powerless or lack of control, it is a very bad omen for long distance relationship.

#8. Do Similar Things

Another great tip on how to make long distance relationship work is doing similar things. Try to recommend interesting movies, books, TV shows, news etc to each.

This will align your interest and make your communication more interesting. Believe me, when you don’t do similar things, the relationship will be so so boring.

#9. Visit Each Other Once In A While

Visitation is an antidote for long distance relationship. Nothing is as interesting as spending quality time with your partner after all the yearning, abstinence and waiting.

When you visit your partner, you will be able to fulfill little things like kissing, holding hands, etc. This can be common to all couples, but so special and intimate to partners in a long-distance relationship.

#10 Stay Honest

“Honesty is an expensive gift that you can’t get from cheap people”. Honesty helps to lubricate the engine of every long-distance relationship.

As a matter of fact, discuss your feelings of feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy, etc. It is very wrong to deal with things yourself, it can hurt the relationship in the long run.

#11. Keep Track On Each Others’ Social Media Activities

As a rule, try to keep track of each other’s social media activities. Like photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag your partners on posts, share nice love quotes on their walls, etc.

#12. Give A Momento

If you are in a distance relationship, try to give your partner personal object to hold on to. This is a reminder of how much they mean to you. It could be a necklace, ring, wristwatch etc.

Other people may see as a Momento you give to your partner as meaningless. But to her/him, it means everything.

#13. Stay Positive

You must be optimistic at all time for your long distance relationship to work. It is true that the waiting can be annoying, frustrating and painful.

There are instances when you will be lonely, wishing your partner was with you. Don’t give up, remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, if you truly believe in the relationship, you should be willing to wait and stay positive. Afterall a thousand years is not forever.

#14. Give Each Other Pet names

Both of you must stay romantic at all time, even if you aren’t together. Give each other cute and nice pet names.

#15. Make More Of Video Calls

Try as much as possible to make video calls often. This is one of the best tips on how to make long distance relationship work. Seeing each other is a way of rejuvenating the relationship.

These are the tips on how to make long distance relationship work…


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