9 New Secrets To Make a Relationship Work In 2023

I once read a story about a couple who had been married for 72 years. They were old and still found comfort in each other’s company. However, one of the partners ( the wife) died at the age of 92.

And the husband died a few days later at the age of 98. These partners loved each other till the end. Of course, they had conflicts, arguments, and relationship challenges.

But they always find a way to resolve their issues. And that’s because they valued their relationship more than pride. So, in this article, I will share with you how to make a relationship work. 

It takes a lot of work, commitment, and patience to build a lovely, romantic, and long-lasting relationship. 

I know this may shock you. But there’s more to building a happy and everlasting companionship than sending text messages and holding hands in public. 

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have issues with publicly displaying affection for your partner. 

But there are other little things that are crucial to the growth of your relationship. If you overlook these things, your relationship may start having crack walls.

It’s quite funny how everybody aspires to have a beautiful, lovely, and everlasting relationship. Yet, they aren’t willing to learn and put in the work required to grow their relationship. 

Let me tell you this – a relationship is like a plant, you have to grow it, nurture it, and water it to remain evergreen. Otherwise, it will die a natural death. 

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So, if you have been having relationship issues, here is how to make a relationship work; 

#1. Talk About The Relationship 


how to make a relationship work again

Lack of communication is a cankerworm that eats the flesh of a relationship. I can’t overemphasize the importance of communication in your relationship. 

I know some people will advise you that somethings are better left unsaid. Trust me; this doesn’t apply to a relationship. 

Once you notice anything unusual, try to talk about it with your partner. You don’t have to keep things in mind. They will only make you unhappy and gradually quell the love you have for your partner.

So, to keep your relationship flourishing and growing, always talk about it. It will help you set boundaries, understand what your partner hates and likes, and many other things that could help you grow your relationship.  

#2. Embrace Honesty

Honesty is an important seed you should sow in your relationship. It’s one of the tips on how to make a relationship work. It will also make your partner trust you completely. 

But like Warren Buffet said, “honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.” 

It doesn’t matter how much your partner loves you; once they detect dishonesty in you, they stop trusting you. And once your partner stops trusting you, that’s the beginning of the end. 

No matter how ugly a situation seems, tell your partner the truth. I know they will feel bad and sometimes heartbroken. 

But it’s better you hurt someone you love with the truth than comfort them with lies. Many relationships with great futures have ended because one of the partners didn’t have the guts to speak the truth. 

Don’t lie about anything, not even your ugly past. It’s always better for your partner to accept you for who you are, not what you are. 

#3. Share With Them the Little Details 

For your relationship to work, you must pay attention to every little thing. It’s like a machine that requires every component (both small and big) to function before it can work effectively. 

Sharing little details with your partners is one of the tips on how to make your relationship work. 

Little things like how your day went and what happened in the office can go a long way to create your bond. It makes you guys go closer and become best of friends. 

If your partner is also your best friend, your relationship will be more exciting and memorable. And one of the easiest ways to be close to your partner is by sharing little details with them. 

#4. Take Conflicts In Your Relationship as Normal

One of the tips on how to make a relationship work is to take conflicts as normal. Regardless of how much you guys love each other, there will always be moments of conflict and disagreement. 

Perfect relationships only exist in Hollywood and Zeeworld. So, lower your expectation about a perfect relationship. And always consider your disagreement as normal. 

Except your disagreement or conflict centers around cheating, addictions, abuse, violence, legal issues, etc., always find a way to settle it. 

You can’t walk out of a relationship because of a few moments of conflict. It happens. However, you guys’ ability to weather the storm together is what makes the difference. 

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#5. Make Reasonable Compromises

If you want to have a lovely and everlasting relationship, you guys should learn how to make reasonable compromises. 

Compromise in a relationship isn’t all about giving up what you like to make your partner happy—but coming up with a solution that will make you guys happy. It’s all about giving up little for your partner and taking little from them. It’s a win-win situation. 

Here are some of the issues to compromise in every relationship; 

  • Spending time with your partner 
  • Figure out plans for the family 
  • Balancing your sex life 
  • Showing love to your partner based on their love language
  • Trying to make the travel plans as fair as possible. 
  • Learning your partner’s argument style 
  • Money 

#6. Let Your Partner Be Themselves

You can compromise for your partner and make them happy. But never change who you are because of your relationship. That’s not how to make a relationship work. But a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. 

It’s normal to be carried away when you are seriously in love with someone. But be rational about it. Make sacrifices for your partner and try to help them grow. 

However, never allow the relationship to take away who you are. And if you notice that you are gradually losing yourself to your relationship, it’s obvious that you are dating the wrong person. 

#7. Make Your Partner The Top Priority in Your Life 

One of the tips on how to make a relationship work is to make your partner feel special. Give them the impression that they are the top priority. 

It’s wrong to make someone you love feel uncared for, left out, and unimportant. It doesn’t matter whether you do it intentionally or not; it could damage your relationship in no time. 

So, it’s essential to let your partner know that they are a top priority in your life. And you will always be there for them no matter the situation. Little words of affirmation like these will go a long way to grow your relationship. 

#8. Be Mature Emotionally 

how to make a relationship work

If you don’t have emotional maturity, you may not know how to make a relationship work. It’s a fact. There are no two ways about it. 

You may be friendly, kind, and amazing to be with. But you don’t know how to manage your emotions. Trust me, your lack of emotional maturity could be what will destroy your relationship. 

So, if you want to make your relationship last, you must work on your emotional maturity. Here are tips to help you to be more matured with your emotions; 

How to Build Emotional Maturity 

  • Remind yourself that other people can’t automatically understand what is in your head
  • Try to see things from other people’s perspectives. 
  • Learn to recognize and admit when you are wrong 
  • Also, recognize and admit your feelings. 
  • Remind yourself that your feelings can’t help you make rational decisions 
  • Before you react to a situation, try to think about it. This will help you to be more rational. 

#9. Give Each Other Some Space Once in a While 

Contrary to what you may think, giving each other space is great for your relationship. It’s one of the tips on how to make a relationship work. 

According to experts, spending time apart makes a relationship healthy and fresh. It also reminds you not to lose yourself because you are in a relationship. 

Additionally, spending time alone once in a while helps to foster independence and strength. 

How to Make a Relationship Work After Cheating

Here's how to make a relationship work after cheating

The truth is – it’s heartbreaking when someone you love cheats on you. You will feel betrayed and sometimes start doubting yourself. 

It’s not easy to forgive infidelity in relationships. But it doesn’t have to end your companionship if you know how to make a relationship work after cheating. 

So, if you recently cheat on your partner and you want to make things right, here’s how to make a relationship work after cheating; 

Be Remorseful 

The truth is, you can’t undo what you have done. But be remorseful about it to your partner. Being remorseful goes beyond saying, “I’m sorry.” Try to make your apology meaningful. 

Additionally, let your partner know how regretful you are of your actions. And acknowledge an understanding of how they feel. 

Sometimes, your partner may overlook the mistake and give you a second chance. But that’s not always the case. 

Whatever be the case, try to be deeply sorry and remorseful about cheating on your partner. It’s one of the tips on how to make your relationship work after cheating. 

Give an Honest Explanation About What Happened

This will surely be difficult. But it’s possible. If you want to make your relationship work after cheating, you need to give your partner an honest explanation of what happened. 

Of course, she may feel real bad. But it’s better you hurt her with the truth. Let your partner know what led to you cheating on them. Perhaps, you guys can look at it and find a way around it. 

In most cases, people cheat in a relationship when there are unmet needs, poor communication, attachment difficulties, etc. Just let your partner know why it happened in the first place. 

And once you give an honest explanation, you may be able to build trust if your partner forgives you. 

Remove The Temptation That Will Make You Cheat again

One of the tips on how to make your relationship work after cheating is to remove all possible temptations to avoid cheating again in the future. 

So, take a step to cut off contact with the person, delete their contact information, block their numbers, and remove them from social media. 

This step will fast-track your partner’s healing process. It will also give the impression that you are genuinely remorseful of what happened. 

Don’t Loud It

Sometimes, telling people about your relationship issues do more harm than good. Keep what happened in your relationship in the relationship. 

You don’t need to tell your friends or partner’s friends. Discuss the issue, show remorse, and cut off all contact with the person you had the affair with. This will go a long way to pacify your partner. 

Every relationship has its issues. There’s no perfect one anywhere. But if you know how to make a relationship work, you will always connect with your partner. 


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