How To Maintain Friendships When You Have Tight Schedules

how to maintain friendships

True friendship is like a pure diamond, so rare to find. However, once you find one, never allow your busy schedules to allow your friendships fall by the wayside. In this article, you will learn how to maintain friendships.

Sadly, our jobs, families, spouses and other factors make us forget our friends so soon. These may be the people you spend some of the most quality times of your life with.

The truth is that at some point, we are all guilty of not being in touch with our friends. I am sorry to say this, some of us are fond of reaching out to our friends only when we need their assistance.

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How To Maintain Friendships

1. Chat Them Up While Going To Work Especially in public transport

One of the tips on how to maintain friendships is to chat them up while going to work especially in public transport. That moment when you are in a public transport feeling bored is the best time to reach out to a friend.

You can either chat them up on social media, call them or preferably text them. This could be a good way of rekindling a friendship that has been dormant for a while.

#2. Share With Them Interesting Things Happening in Your life 

A busy schedule may not really be a barrier to friendship. Just try to update your friends on the interesting things that have been happening in your life.

This could be via text message or chat on social media. Trust me, this is one of the easiest ways to maintain friendship.

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#3. Remind Them Of Some Of The Memories You Share Together

Sometimes, reminding your friends about some of the interesting memories you share together can reignite the fire of friendship. According to experts, sharing a memory helps to solidify your common history.

#4. Follow Up When A Friend Is Going Through Hard times

Whenever your friend is going through hard times, try to be there for them. In fact, listen to their complain and encourage them through these trying periods.

From time to time, check on them to know if they are okay. This will definitely make them feel loved and they will reciprocate such love for sure. Trust me, follow up with a friend is one of the tips on how to maintain friendships.

#5. Try To Meet In Person Once In A While

One of the best ways to strengthen your friendship is to meet in person once in a while. Seeing each other after a long time can go a long way to reigniting the spirit of friendship.

Sometimes, we may never understand the value of true friendships unless you are in need of one. Although true friends aren’t common, if you find one, try to value them.

Even though you are very successful in life, you still need good friends. Do you know why? It’s because tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what it will give birth to. But if you know how to maintain friendships, you will always have true friends irrespective of your busy schedule.

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