Powerful Steps For Kissing A Girl In 2023

1. Know These Kissing Tips

The reason  human kiss is a mystery, and even people at the Smithsonian study it. One thing is sure though… we are biologically programmed to love kissing.

Kissing is part of human nature… so these kissing tips are actually helping you become a better person!

Become a better person and a better man. No matter your lady’s favorite kissing style, the kissing tips I’m about to give you will improve your chemistry and have her wanting more.

If you want to get kissed, you need to make sure your mouth is kissable.

Before you leave the house make a pit stop in the bathroom and get that mouth ready. Brush your teeth to get rid of any remnants of your lunch and freshen your breath. A little mouthwash never hurt either.

Ladies love a man with a beard, but they don’t want a mouth full of mustache when they go in for a kiss. Trim your beard of stray hairs and make sure nothing is hanging over your lips. Tame the tangle with beard oil and watch as her hands drift up for a feel.

Make sure your lips are soft and hydrated by using lip balm. Nothing shuts down a potential kiss like dry, chapped lips. It will make kissing so much more enjoyable for both of you.

Tip 2: Be Soft But Firm

This might seem like a rookie problem, but even experienced kissers mess up their lip technique.

So, how do you kiss perfectly? The key is to have soft lips but to be a firm kisser. Pecks are for grandmas, so don’t purse your lips into a beak. Relax your lips so that they can move and respond to hers.

The firmness comes into play as you switch kissing positions. When you move from lip to lip slightly flex muscles the in your lips. You want to be an active participant in the kiss, so use your lips to part hers. Lean in closer and use the muscles in your lips make your kiss more passionate.

Tip 3: Tame The Tongue

Terrible tongue use is the most common complaint women have about the men they kiss. Too much tongue use is sloppy and distracts her from the kiss. Not enough tongue signals a lack of passion and can bore her.

So yeah, the tongue game is pretty important for how to kiss her.

The key to finding the right amount of tongue is taking baby steps.

First, open your mouth slightly and gently touch her tongue with yours. This playful touch is the start of more passionate, intimate kissing.

Slowly build the amount of tongue that you use and focus on playing with her tongue. If you’re licking her teeth or the roof of her mouth you’ve gone in too far. Back off a little bit and refocus on her tongue.

Finally, follow her lead. Her body language will let you know if she’s into the kiss, so keep doing the things she shows you she likes.


2. Know How To Kiss Her For The First Time

Knowing how to kiss her is important but knowing  how to kiss her for the first time determines if you’ll get a chance at a second kiss. To master the first kiss, use these three tips.

Tip 1: Read Her Body Language

Few things in life are as embarrassing as leaning in for a kiss with a girl and getting rejected. Spare yourself the embarrassment by making sure she’s ready for it.

Look for the signs

  • She makes clear and deliberate eye contact
  • She enters your personal space
  • She draws your attention to her lips

Watch the way she flirts and be ready to make a move. If you’ve been paying attention to her the right moment will happen naturally.

Tip 2: Be Confident

Surprise kisses are great for couples, but your first kiss with a girl should never be a sneak attack.

Face the girl and wait for her to face you. Look from her eyes to her lips to let her know that there is nothing on your mind but kissing her.

If you’re standing, make sure your feet are pointed directly at her. This opens you up for closer physical contact. It also shows that you meant for this kiss to happen and you’re giving all your attention to her.

First kisses are memorable experiences, especially at the start of a relationship. You want to her to remember you as confident, not opportunistic. Acting confident will also make you feel more confident and will make you much more attractive to her.

Tip 3: Hold Off On The Tongue

Using tongue is a very personal, passionate gesture. Which is great… when the time is right.

Don’t lean in with your tongue out on the very first kiss. Let your lips play with hers for a little while and see how well you connect. If you enter make out mode start to work the tongue in slowly with the “tame the tongue” tip from above. If you’re standing, make sure your feet are pointed directly at her. This opens you up for closer physical contact. It also shows that you meant for this kiss to happen and you’re giving all your attention to her.

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