How To Deal With A Sigma Male Boyfriend

Sigma male is an introverted lone wolf personality that spends more time in his thoughts than the outside world. They have their unique value systems and always stand out from the crowd. In this article, you will learn how to deal with a sigma male boyfriend.


The sigma males don’t follow social norms and they can’t thrive in an environment where there are unnecessary rules. They value their independence and their time alone. 


Sigma males have a blend of traits from Alpha and Beta; that is why they are often complex to understand. 


They try as much as possible to stay off the limelight and would never do anything that will draw attention to them. 


When you are meeting the sigma male for the first time, you may think he’s boring. But if you get to know him better, you will realize that he’s self-sufficient and independent. 


He doesn’t care about what other people think about him, that is why he is often described as the black sheep among men. 


If you have a sigma male friend, this article will give you ideas on how to manage him. 


People often see the sigma males as being mysterious. That is probably because they don’t see the need to brag or be the center of attention. 


When in a relationship they are perfect partners, and you can also rely on them as your best friend. 


So, here is how to deal with a Sigma Male boyfriend; 


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#1. Don’t Surprise Him 


The best tips on how to deal with a sigma male boyfriend is never to surprise him. Even if you want to go out, plan it with him. 


To a sigma male, the best way to enjoy himself is to read a book, watch an educative program on TV or spend time on his thoughts. 


But if you plan an outing or vacation with them, they will certainly go with you, especially if the vibe is right. 


#2. Don’t Judge Them, Try to Understand Their Personality 


Without a doubt, the sigma male is a very complex personality. And because of their complexity, people tend to judge them. 


But if you are a friend to the sigma male, don’t try to judge him. Instead, study his behavior so that you will understand why he behaves the way he does. 


Even if you are in a relationship with a sigma male, you must learn to communicate your concerns. 


He may have a high level of awareness and emotional intelligence, but he can’t read your mind. A sigma male may be chilling, thinking everything is fine. Meanwhile, you are going through challenges. 


So, learn to communicate your feelings and concerns with the sigma male. And if your concerns are logical, he will act on them accordingly. 


#3. Engage in a Productive Conversation  


You can’t be friends with a sigma male if you can’t hold productive conversations with him. This personality type is not only intelligent but also has great observational and analytical minds. 


They learn things easily and know a lot of things about the world around them. So, if you want them to be interested in you, always bring up interesting and productive conversations. 


These kinds of conversations will give Sigma males the impression that you are in tune with the world and have some interesting opinions to share.


#4. When You Are Not Comfortable With Something, Let Them Know 


If you are a sigma male’s friend, learn to tell them when you are not comfortable with something. 


Don’t forget that he doesn’t have regard for rules and laws. He likes living his life without external control. 


But once they are doing something you don’t like, tell them immediately. If they value your friendship, they tend to adhere to your wish. 


#5. Assure Him That You Will Always Be There


Even if the sigma male has a friend circle or romantic relationship, he is always a lone wolf. But when you guys are together, give him the impression that you understand him. 


Let him know that you will always be there for him regardless of the situation. Once the sigma male finds a loyal friend, they take them so seriously. 


#6. Make Your Presence Known 


There is one thing you should know about the sigma males; there are a bit self-centered. In other words, they always prioritize themselves. 


When you are with them, you can easily get lost in the sauce if you don’t have a strong presence. 


If you are dating a sigma male, for instance, you can make your presence known through your body language. And if he is not picking up your cues, you can communicate with him directly. 


#7. Be Reliable


If you are a reliable friend who a sigma male can count on during the time of needs, he would value you more than any other person. 


Support his ideas, try not to judge him or doubts his plans. And let him know that you are his greatest fans. 


#8. Don’t Force Him Into the Spotlight 


The sigma males don’t like being in the spotlight, so don’t force them to do it. 


Of course, the sigma male is not only a lone wolf but also a dominant introvert. They like their own space and company. 


And when they are in the right environment, they may socialize and shine. But you can’t force the sigma males into the spotlight. If you do, they will start to avoid you. 


#9. Don’t Try to Change Him 


You can’t change a sigma male, it’s in his nature. And the more you try to change him, the more issues you will have with him. 


However, you can take note of the traits you love so much about him, and those you dislike. This will give you an idea of how to handle him when you guys are together. 


Do you know of any other way to handle a sigma male? Let me know in the comment below. 

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