How to Be a High-Value Man| 5 Unique Traits to Develop

If you aspire to become a High-Value man, the first question you should ask yourself is “What Makes a High-Value Man”???


And the answer you provide to the question would give you an idea of whether you have what it takes to become a high-value man. 


However, before you read this article to the end, you would understand the 5 traits you need to develop to become a high-value man in society. 


Every trait mentioned in this article directly or indirectly affects personality types. It would allow you to acquire essential life assets like status, resources, friends, etc. 


Without further ado, here are some of the traits of high-value men. And if you want to be considered a high-value man, try to develop these traits. 

5 Important Traits of a High Value Man


#1. Emotional Intelligence 


Every high-value man you see out there has a high level of emotional intelligence. It makes it easier for them to be successful in their professional, love, and personal lives. 


High-value men have a unique ability to manage their emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and, more importantly, diffuse conflict. 


Because of the high-value man’s emotional intelligence, he has the following skills; 


Self Awareness and Self Management (High Value Man Unique Skill)


It’s quite funny that most people don’t know what emotional intelligence entails. Some people think it’s some touchy-feeling approach to life like sitting on the mat, meditating, doing yoga, and crying alone. 


Oops, that is not true. A high level of self-awareness and self-management differentiates men who wander around life from those who know where they are going. 


People with self-awareness know their passion and there follow it religiously through self-management. 


The high-value man has a personal drive. Once he identifies what he wants to achieve, he plans to help him achieve it. 


Even though the going gets tough, a high-value man is self-motivated and always looks at the bigger picture. 


The high-value man’s ability to follow his passion is what differentiates him from the crowd. 


Unlike the low-value man, the high-value man doesn’t take no for an answer. Regardless of the challenges, he works his way to the top. 

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How High Value Man Manages a Relationship


High-value men are relationship gladiators. They know how to make their partners feel special and apply self-awareness in social situations. 


Social awareness allows high-value men to understand the social dynamics around them. It enables them to easily detect who is in charge, who is confident, who is chasing whom, who is loyal, and who counts for nothing. 


This understanding helps the high-value man choose a friend that fits his personality. Social awareness also helps a high-value man to tailor his behavior to his environment and situation. 


And this helps him to build a charming charisma and hone his social skills. Interestingly, the high-value man relies on social awareness to build a network of positive and value-adding relationships.  


#2. He Has a Purpose 


Once a man knows what he wants and likes, he only needs a little drive to develop a purpose. And this is the case of a high-value man. 


According to Simon Sinek, Purpose means a man has a why, and when a man knows his why, he moves through life with confidence and purpose. 


He will always display the charismatic qualities of people who know their paths even when in the dark. 


A purpose is what differentiates the men spending their evening watching football games and drinking from those who work and plot to move ahead in life. 


Reversal of Purpose When It’s Too Focused 


It’s natural for you to achieve your goals if you have a relentless drive to achieve it. So even if It takes time, you would surely get there. 


However, sometimes, achieving your goal can come at the cost of your overall personality. And this is not a good omen for anybody who wants to move ahead in life. 


For instance, is it possible to have a meaningful conversation with a man who lives and breaths for planet research? 


Of course, No. And such a person would not blend well in a crowd of socialites. He will feel lonely and stick out like a sore thumb. 


People whose purpose are too focused often live an unbalanced life. Even though they achieve their life purpose, it would come at the expense of other aspects of their lives, including relationships. 


However, it’s the balance in every aspect of your life, including your relationship, that helps you become a high-value man. 


Surprisingly, if your life’s goal doesn’t include people, you have to develop people’s skills. Otherwise, you can’t become a high-quality and happier man. 


#3. He Takes Care of Himself 


Self-driven men with a purpose always see themselves as machines. And they have a general mindset that the more they take care of themselves, the further they will go in life. 


High-value men understand how things work and pay no attention to the dichotomy between being or appearing. That is because they know that the two fit into each other. 


Again, since everyone judges the book by its cover, you also need to take care of that book cover. That is why high-value man always eats well, exercises keeps learning and invests in themselves. 


High-value men are like a high-quality wine, you meet them today, and they are good. You stick with them and tomorrow they are very good. You stick with them the day after tomorrow; they are still good. 


Furthermore, High-value men take care of people around them because they got leadership qualities. High-value men can easily become great leaders because they often take responsibility for things and their people. 


#4. He Has High Self Esteem


A high-value man has a high sense of self-worth. He appreciates his personality and that of other people. He finds fulfillment in his life and loves growing as a person. Because of his high sense of self-worth, he digs deep within himself, which helps him be more creative. 


The sigma male sees like from a realistic perspective. They always push to move to a more positive and confident direction. But they always accept other people for who they are. 


#5. He is Assertive 


The high-value man is very assertive. His assertiveness allows him to speak up for his right without undermining other people. 


He expects and demands fair treatment, and he always treats other people respectfully. Like most other men, the high-value man seeks power. However, he respects other people’s right to self-determination. 

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