How Soon Can You Start Exercising After Child Birth? Find Out Here(2023)

Is it safe to exercise post-pregnancy?

A woman who has had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery can start working out after two weeks postpartum, but women who delivered through C-section should wait at least six weeks, says Dr Bhola.

After checking with your doctor, you should start exercising slowly and build up, says Anshuka.

How safe it is for women who have had C-section delivery?

C-section or cesarean birth is the surgical delivery of the baby through an incision made in the mother’s abdomen. For most mothers, it takes more time to heal than normal delivery which is why they need to be more careful. But does it make a difference when it comes to doing inversions like Alia Bhatt?

Well, Dr Bhola says it is safe for women with C-section delivery to exercise after 6 months, 5 times a week. In fact, it is safe for them to run, swim and do yoga six months after C-section if they are healthy and experienced no complications.
Inversions are considered safe for women who have had normal or C-section delivery. However, you should start with supported inversions at first. After building core strength, you would be able to do independent inversions but only if your body allows you to, adds the fitness expert. She further adds that you should only do inversions if you are someone who was doing it before you got pregnant.

How soon can you do inversions post-pregnancy?

One should wait at least six weeks after childbirth unless you’re doing specific pelvic floor exercises, says the gynaecologist. You can do supported inversions as soon as you have the doctor’s clearance and your stitches have healed.

“Supported inversions mean using a wall or the FlyFit hammock (aerial), etc. As far as doing inversions just using your body without any support, you have to ensure that you check for Diastasis Recti and if you have built your core stability and strength back to support yourself in an inversion all on your own,” adds Anshuka.

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