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Sigma males may be mysterious, elusive, and like spending time alone. But they don’t want to have issues with women for any reason.


Regardless of the situation, sigma males won’t argue or fight with a woman. Funny enough, when they meet the right woman who understands them, they love her endlessly.


This article will discuss how sigma males keep women in check.



More often than not, women are always attracted to a sigma male. They go after the lone wolf and try to understand him.


But the more they try to understand the sigma male, the more complicated and enigmatic he becomes.


Unlike alpha, omega, and beta males, It’s almost impossible for women to distract or influence the sigma males to see things from their perspective.


When a sigma male is around a woman, he predicts her every move and knows what she will do next.


So, here’s how sigma males keep women in check;


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#1. Sigma Males Have a Way of Forcing a Woman Out of Her Comfort Zone


Sigma males are damn straightforward, and they tell you exactly how they feel without mincing words.


Lone wolves are not like other men who tell women what they want to hear. It doesn’t matter how it will make a woman feel; sigma males will tell them the damn truth.


Because of their experience in life, they talk to any woman boldly, and they don’t care about how they react.


Sigma males understand women’s superpower, and they will use it against them.


That is why it’s easy for sigma males to force any woman out of her comfort zone. They do it very stylishly.


They first understand the woman’s superpower and use it to make her do whatever they want.


#2. Sigma Males Are Completely Unpredictable


There’s no way you can’t predict the sigma males’ actions. Indeed, everything about them is mysterious. And whenever they are around a woman, they talk less, making it difficult for anybody to predict the sigma males’ next move.


Most times, alpha and beta males talk so much about themselves when they are in the company of women. And this makes it very easy for women to understand them.


Whenever a woman is around a sigma male, he tries to understand how he behaves in a different situation.


There are instances when they deliberately take actions just to see how the sigma males will react.


Even when a woman tries to seduce a sigma male, he remains focused and maintains his mindset.


#3. Sigma Males Don’t Like Being Told What to Do  


One of the things women admire so much about the sigma males is that they don’t like being told what to do. They have a mind of their own and don’t hesitate to make decisions.


Sigma males prefer to make mistakes and learn from them than being told what to do.


Of course, sigma males won’t listen to a woman’s side talks or pay attention to her seductive hue.


That’s why women who have dated alpha, beta, and omega males in the past will find sigma males so mysterious and elusive.


You can’t tell the sigma males what to do. He likes living life on his own terms and dances to the beat of his drum.


No woman can easily get her way on the sigma males or control them because they are unpredictable and don’t like being told what to do.



#4. Sigma Males Are Very Straightforward


Sigma males don’t aren’t hypocritical. They are straightforward and avoid beating around the bush.


An average woman wants to see a man apologize to her and admit that he’s wrong. That is what most women want.


Some women may even date a man who’s likely to fail so that they can have the upper hand in the relationship.


However, sigma males are straightforward. They always tell their women how they feel and won’t apologize for what has happened. And that is because they don’t live their lives to impress anybody, not even women. 


#5. Sigma males Don’t Overthink Things


Sigma males never overthink things. They live life on their terms and walk their path in life.


So, if things don’t go well as planned, the sigma males always have a plan B to fall back on. And if plan B fails, they have another option, and another, and another.


The truth is, sigma males will rather spend time providing different solutions to a particular problem than overthink things. After all, overthinking can never solve any problem.


The lone wolves have a backup plan for everything he does. So, if things don’t go as planned, he has no reason to be anxious; all he has to do is activate the next plan of action.


But this is an aspect beta males fail woefully. They basically want to cover every aspect of life. And they end up becoming the lesser version of themselves.


At all times, beta males want to look good, they want to be friendly, they want to be presentable, they want to be gentle, etc. In fact, they spend their entire life trying to impress people.


However, sigma males live life with the mindset that life itself is not perfect. So, if things don’t go his way, he has no reason to overthink things.


All he has to do is to activate an alternative plan of action. And that is why they are always successful in all their endeavors.


They dare to face life as it comes. Even in a difficult situation, they try to make the best out of it.


#6. Sigma Males Always Take Charge of his Sex Life


Sigma males are always in charge of their sex life, making them unpredictable to women.


Sometimes, the women are so obsessed with the sigma males that they throw themselves sexually at him because that is their only superpower.


But like I mentioned earlier, seduction doesn’t really work on the sigma males. He won’t ride on a woman just because she seduces him.


In fact, the more you seduce a sigma male, the more reason you give him to stay away from you.  


However, the best way to get a sigma males’ attention is to be smart, focused, and be a go-getter kind of woman.


#7. Sigma males Don’t Rely on Other People for Advice


Sigma males are great researchers. They so much believe in the power of research. They would rather spend time researching an idea or learning more about something than ask someone about it.


Sigma males always provide answers to his lifelong questions by himself. He would check the internet, read books, and source information using different means.


But in the end, he will always find what he’s looking for. Indeed, they find solace in solitude, and spending time alone helps them become great researchers.


Women don’t feel smart whenever they are with the sigma males. And that is because the lone wolves know little about almost everything.


Of course, he’s a voracious researcher, and he has so much information at his fingertip.


With these traits, it’s easy for the sigma males to keep women in check.


Do you know of any other way sigma males keep women in check? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.


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