How Sigma Males Keep Women Guessing Their Next Move

To every woman the sigma male is a mystery. The more you try to understand him, the more elusive he becomes. 


It doesn’t matter how long a woman has been with the lone wolf, he will always keep her guessing his next move. 


The hallmark of a sigma male is the inability of any woman to analyse him as quickly as she analyses other guys. 


They don’t have a routine. Even if you live with them in the same house, you will always see a new version of them everyday. 


Generally, an average woman knows exactly what a man is going to say. 


She knows what he’s going to do. 


And that is because almost every man she meets tells her the same thing or behaves the same way. 


But because women can’t predict what the sigma male is going to say or do at any point in time, they find them really attractive. 


In today’s article we will discuss the 3 ways sigma males keep a woman guessing their next move. 


#1. They Hang Up on Her in the Middle of a Conversation 

When a Beta or Omega male is on the phone with a woman, he wants to spend the whole day talking to her. 


Gosh! That is so unnecessary. The more time you spend talking to her on the phone, the more likely you are going to spew balderdash. 


The sigma males know that the conversation is never good enough when they run out of things to talk about. 


So, they always end the conversation with their women early enough. Once they pass the information they want to pass, they hang up immediately. 


They will always say something like – “Hey let me get back to you, something just came up.”


Of course, the lone wolves don’t explain what they want to do or why they didn’t get back to her as promised. 


Getting off the phone in the middle of a conversation keeps women guessing the sigma male’s next move. 

#2. When He Goes On a Date With Her, He Keeps the Date Very Short 

Whenever the sigma male takes any woman on a date, he keeps the date under an hour. 


And when they are still trying to familiarize themselves with a woman, they take her to a little coffee shop or a less expensive restaurant. 


Don’t forget, sigma males won’t try to impress a lady for any reason. They are not like Beta or Omega males who take women to a five star restaurant on their first date. 


The lone wolves will keep their date short and interesting. 


And this will keep the woman guessing his next move. She will be wondering if she is good enough for the lone wolf or if he has someone out there who’s taking his attention. 


He won’t make a move to get a woman laid if she’s not in the mood. Before a sigma male sleeps with any woman, that woman would be basically begging for it. 


While other men are begging for women’s attention, women are the ones begging for the sigma males’ attention. 


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#3. They Don’t Really Like Commitment


Sigma males don’t really like commitment. Before they decide to be serious with a woman, she must be really exceptional. 


I mean, she will have all the things he’s looking for in a woman. Otherwise, he would prefer friends with benefits. 


The sigma males understand the women mindset. When you appear to be unserious with whatever you have with a woman, she would want more. 


If you are just friends, she would want more than friends. 


And if you guys are friends with benefits, she would want more than that. 


When you aren’t giving her what she wants, she will keep guessing your next move and want to know why you don’t want to be committed to her. 


The more mysterious the sigma male seems to a woman, the more he keeps her guessing his next move, and the more she will come for him and be passionate about being with him. 


In a nutshell, women will always go after complicated, mysterious, and elusive men like sigma males, who will keep them guessing. 


And do you know why? It’s because the Sigma malees add adventure to their lives. 


Do you always keep your woman guessing your next move? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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