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For every other person, falling in love is more of a thing of feelings and emotions. But for a sigma male, falling in love could be difficult. That is because they want to apply logic to every situation, including relationships.


So, when it comes to finding their soul mates, the sigma males have their own beliefs about their soul mates. Sometimes, they may even be a bit cynical about it.


Well, emotions and romance are tricky for the sigma male because they are more drawn to facts and things that can be proven.


What is a Soulmate to a Sigma Male?


A sigma male may not believe in the idea of a soulmate. That is because of their logicality and emphasis on things with concrete evidence rather than feelings.


Interestingly, the idea of a soulmate goes beyond emotional things like love and someone being perfectly made for you.


And when a sigma male finally believes in a soulmate, he sees it completely different from how a more romantic-minded person thinks of it.


To a sigma male, having a soulmate has nothing to do with love. Instead, it is someone who is matched to you based on their unique qualities. That means from a sigma male’s perspective; you are likely to have more than one soul mate or someone who would be your ideal match.


The idea that there’s only one person in the world that’s meant for you is laughable to a sigma male. It seems completely unrealistic and fictional.


A sigma male sees soulmates as someone who challenges them and inspires them to become the best version of themselves. I mean, someone who has a deep understanding of the sigma male’s traits and connect with their soul in a way nobody else can.  


Of course, the sigma male believes in love. They have blood running through their veins like every other man, just that they like their actions to be controlled by logic rather than emotions.


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The Sigma Male Logical Mind and Romance


People have a general notion that the sigma male is a boring and unromantic person. Oops! That is not always true.


I know they are very logical and rational in every situation. But they can also be very romantic. They understand the best way to make their partners feel treasured and valued.

Even though some sigma males may shy away from romance, there are several ones out there who are genuinely romantic.


They are very sincere with themselves. A sigma male can’t invest time and romantic energy on some they don’t have genuine feelings and intentions towards.


Of course, it’s not out of obligation for a sigma male to be romantic towards someone. It’s just because they want to be.  


And many sigma males possess a poetic quality. So, they understand how to express their feelings in words when they are attracted to someone.


Funnily, many sigma males crave romantic connections. And they want to find someone they can share their lives with. However, it’s often difficult for them to balance their romantic side and very logical minds.


Because they believe in things that can be proven, they may apply the same in their relationships. That is why they use practical ideals to choose a soulmate or life partner.   


However, when a sigma male gets to know someone and sees the true potential in their connection, the sigma male will look at a checklist to know how compatible they are with this person.


They will try to analyze the person’s traits and other important facts to know if they can truly be in a relationship with that person.


You may think this approach to a relationship is cold and unromantic. But to a sigma male, it means they are serious about that person. And he may be considering spending the rest of his life with that person.


However, once a sigma male doesn’t see a future with someone, he doesn’t like wasting that person’s time.


Again, it’s always challenging for the sigma male to find a way to balance their logical thinking and emotional side. And they need to have this balance. Otherwise, they will always have issues with their relationship.


Even though the sigma males love to apply facts and findings before entering any relationship, they also need to know when it’s time to emotional.


Additionally, they should learn to listen to their instinct when it advises them to open up and connect to the person they love.


Surprisingly, the few sigma males that do better in finding their true soul male and love are those who listen to their intuition and instinct.


He Does Need to Learn How to Be Less Logical and More Emotional In Relationships


When the sigma male finds the right partner in their lives, that person will be willing to wait patiently until they open up.


But the sigma males still need to learn how to be less logical and emotional when analyzing their relationships. They need to be receptive to love and find someone they can open up to.


However, once a sigma male senses that you can be trusted, he gradually opens up some of the walls. Again don’t rush into something or open up to someone they love right away.


Nevertheless, the sigma male must allow themselves to take a chance once in a while.


Realistically, the sigma male may never achieve his relationship goal except he allows himself to find his match.


Unlike what you think, opening up is just part of the process of the sigma male finding a soul mate.


What does The Sigma Male need?


Sigma male is passionate about anybody who understands him on a deeper level. Regardless of the person’s flaw, a sigma male will always prioritize someone who understands them over any other person.


Every sigma male needs a partner who sees their need for space and does not take this personally.


This personality type values someone who understands that they like being alone. That even if the sigma male does not express how they feel verbally to them, they are still important in their life.


Like you already know, the sigma males are not naturally mushy or overly emotional people. So, they need a partner who will be patient and appreciate their true intentions.


Of course, they don’t want stagnancy; that is why they would like their partner to help them grow and uniquely challenge them.


Sigma Male Needs a Partner Who Sparks Their Heart


The sigma male needs a partner who sparks their heart, soul, and their minds. I mean someone who can challenge their intelligence and make them see things from a new perspective.


The sigma males need a partner who is intelligent and has a sense of warmth towards them. I mean a person who makes them see other parts to themselves. Not just the part they portray to the world.


The sigma male also craves someone who is loyal and willing to stand by them through whatever might come their way in the future.


The real soulmate of a sigma male is understanding, supportive, and honest with him, even when it seems complicated.


The sigma male needs someone who is patient and who does not smoother them constantly. They need time to themselves, and they expect their partner or soulmate to understand why they need to be left alone sometimes.


One of the areas the sigma male is often misunderstood is the fact that he doesn’t like people around him. Well, that is not entirely true.


The sigma male needs space once in a while to enable them to think and come up with novel ideas. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care or don’t want to be close to their loved ones.


Once you can’t understand why a sigma male needs space to himself, he will start resenting whatever relationship he has with you.


So, a sigma male’s soul mate is somebody who respects his solitude without making him feel guilty for it. I mean, someone who can be close to the sigma, make him feel loved without invading his need for time alone.


Additionally, the sigma males’ soul mate should be able to understand the complexity of their mind. The person must accept his traits and not judge how the sigma male tries to see things differently.


In a nutshell, the sigma male needs someone in love with his heart, spirits, and controversial yet unique traits.


And the sigma male always falls helplessly in love with anybody who is both warm and logical when necessary.


Let me clarify this; the sigma male doesn’t like a partner who is as they are. Instead, they like being with someone who can participate in some of their hobbies.


Surprisingly, the sigma males want to share themselves with someone. I mean, they want to fall in love with someone.


They want someone with who they can discuss their challenges. And someone who will give them a shoulder to lean on when things are difficult for them. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy process for them.


While in a relationship, the sigma male needs patient and a partner who doesn’t always misunderstand his intentions.


The sigma male also values honesty in a relationship. They take it very seriously. It doesn’t matter how much a sigma male loves his partner; once he senses dishonesty, that relationship never remains the same.


The sigma male is delighted when he meets someone who is upfront with them and doesn’t hide things just because of their feelings.


Once a sigma male finds someone who deeply understands them, they value that person deeply.


They need a partner who looks beyond the surface in a relationship. Someone who’s in love with their uniqueness and the fact that they see things differently from every other person.







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