How Sigma Males Dominate Others

The Sigma males have a reputation of being the lone wolf who lives outside the imaginary hierarchy of society. He loves his own company and dances to the beats of his drum.


Lone wolves don’t enjoy leading people as the Alpha males do. But their actions and composure always make them dominate other people wherever they are.


Even when the lone wolf works with an Alpha male boss, he indirectly dominates the alpha male with his ingenious ideas and opinions.

Sigmas will always go against an existing tradition and adopt a different approach. And that is why people often describe them as rule-breakers.


This personality type never follows the traditional path to domination. Instead, he makes himself valuable and becomes the target of domination itself.


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Although you can easily spot a sigma male, you can’t pinpoint what makes them tick. That is, their entire identity is based on their refusal to obey established rules that are imposed on people who are eager to climb up the social ladder.


Funnily, the sigma male is more interested in achieving beneficial goals for everyone than having authority. Most times sigma males avoid conflicts as much as possible.


But when they are in charge, they face conflict without hesitation. However, sigma males’ style of leadership isn’t like Alpha male who tries to make everybody feel that he’s superior to them.


The sigma males avoid conflict at all costs and never play the dominance game with their employees even though they know how to play it. This personality type would rather allow people to underestimate them because they don’t see the need to be recognized by other people.


Sigma Males Love Their Time Alone


The default behavior of the sigmas is to spend time alone. However, they may find themselves in the company of other sigmas. Because they can easily hang back and go unnoticed, people think that sigma males are not smart. And they often underestimate them.


What most people don’t know about sigma males is that they have a higher intellect than Alpha males and can easily analyze situations and come up with workable solutions.


From the outside, sigma males may seem like a weaker version of men. But if you take your time to understand them, you will realize that they are even more powerful than those who crave glory and recognition.


Naturally, the sigma males are confident in their ability and will never seek power and dominion over other people. And their inner strength helps them to identify worthwhile goals and work towards achieving them.


Sigma males dominate through their ability to remain quiet and avoid conflict. They perfectly understand the needs and desires of other people. And this helps them to use their manipulative abilities in a very subtle way.


They may not like manipulating people, but sigma males realize that their gentle persuasion tactics can take them very far.


Sigma males may not tell anybody to do anything they may even take a step back after making a suggestion. This will give you the impression that whatever you are doing for the sigma male is your idea.


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With this, the sigma males can achieve what they want without imposing their will on anyone. It’s quite funny that in a world where the alpha male seems to be the dominating gender, it’s the sigma male who actually dominates from the shadows.


Of course, they may not be as flashy and exciting as the alpha males. But they have a way of getting what they want.


Because sigma males spend more time alone, they have an unusual ability to read people and passively influence them to do things their way.


Again, the sigma males are always in the shadow, so, people may not recognize them for who they truly are. However, if you look carefully, you will see them everywhere making the best of every situation without taking credit for it.


One good thing about the sigma males is that they won’t use their dominance as alpha males do. They will only use their dominant nature when someone else tries to dominate them.


When you try to dominate a sigma male in a particular situation, he will use his skills in a subtle way to outsmart you and become the center of attention.


The sigma males will get whatever they want without anybody noticing it. And that explains why people are often marveled at the sigma male’s ease of going unnoticed.


Sigma Male Dominate by not Dominating


The truth is the sigma male dominates other people by not dominating. They intentionally hide their true self from everybody so that people will underestimate them.


However, they are smarter than they appear and they don’t dominate others like the Alpha males.


The sigma males’ understanding of human nature helps them to get whatever they want from other people without being too domineering.


Sigma males’ quiet form of dominance is mistaken for weakness. But this makes them more powerful and influential than those who seek glory and recognition.


You can’t identify a sigma male from the way he looks or his actions. And that is because the key to understanding the power of this mysterious man is not found out there but within himself.


There’s no way the sigma male will tell you how he got what he wanted. But he will give the impression that it was your idea from the beginning.


Surprisingly, sigma males don’t’ care about fame or recognition. They prefer to stay behind the scenes and allow other people to help them achieve their goals.


The sigma male understands how to leverage his skills to get whatever he wants without overstepping people’s boundaries.


Sigma Males Are Rare in Nature


While most people think showing their dominating nature to others is the key to success, sigma males never appear domineering. But they will always persuade you to do what they want without you knowing.


In a very competitive world where people can betray each other at the slightest opportunity, you must always expect the worst from people if you want to go far in life.


And because of sigma males are always prepared, they tend to be more successful than other men.


However, sigma males are never loud about their success. They will continue chasing their goals without anyone realizing it.


And women will be lucky if they even share a smile with this mysterious and elusive man.


The sigma male enjoys making other people feel that they are his superiors while dominating them effortlessly.  


Sigma males know how to get whatever they want without appearing controlling or domineering. And this is one of the many reasons why women find them attractive. They love the fact that this personality is strong and does things silently.


Sigma males know how to leverage their charm and intellect to seduce women without getting too close to them.


While alpha males are always loud and domineering, sigma males are calm and quiet. They never make noise about their achievements or try to impress anybody.


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Just so you know, the sigma males don’t care about anybody’s validation. They are their biggest fans. And that makes them irresistible both romantically and professionally.


Indeed, the sigma male is a breath of fresh air when compared to the rest of the men who want everyone around them to bow down in fear.


In a nutshell, the sigma male may not be interested in showing how strong he is. He would rather allow other men to do that.


But when they have enough experience and wisdom, they tend to make a few calculated moves to avoid unnecessary conflict as they can’t win every battle out there.


Generally, women want to be with a sigma male because he knows when to stay silent and allow the people around them to talk endlessly about themselves.


Lastly, sigma males know how to win people over and convince them to take a particular action without bragging about it.



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