How Do You Know You Are In Love

“How do you know you’re in love?” Is a question every individual at some point has asked.

For some people, love doesn’t strike them like lightning or like a light bulb going off in their head.

The way love feels is different for different people and given that there is no particular way to tell this, the question arises.

For this reason, people tend to think that love is complex. And this complexity is solely in existence because of the difficulty of determining what their heart is up to.

Here are some ways to answer the question of “how do you know you’re in love?”


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How Do You Know You Are In Love

You feel giddy and excited around them

You feel giddy, not nervous!

Your knees shouldn’t shake at the sight of this person, it is not a good sign.

Unknown to many, being in love is more of a  scientific process. This is because it involves a lot of hormones, which can boost your feelings and make you go bananas.

When you’re around the person you love, your brain can’t help but produce chemicals that birth feelings of





Also, your sex hormones are not left out of the party as they boost libido and create the feeling of lust.

So, if you feel any of these, you’re likely to have landed yourself in love.

You always want them around

Love can make you feel crazy.

Not crazy in a literal way but it’ll make you wonder what’s wrong with your emotions.

How do you explain to anybody that you can’t wait to see someone again, even after they just left?

How sane does that sound?

Even after spending all day with this person, you still feel lonely when they leave. Your thoughts seem to be occupied by their entirety and you wonder if it is mutual.

Sometimes, you’re already planning to hang around them the next day.

This is another common way to tell that you are in love.

The adage “too much attendance causes negligence” doesn’t sit right with you because you don’t enjoy staying away from this person.

This also comes with intrusive preoccupation of your mind by them. They live in your head, rent free; occupying a big space for no pay.

You always make time for them

As already explained, being in love can make you want to live in someone’s skin just to be close.

So if you’re still plagued with worry and questions wondering how to know that you’re in love, this might be your answer.

This could also revolve around a sincere need to get to know more about the person.

You suddenly want to know how they got the scars on their body, their favourite thing to do at leisure, their favourite spot in town and all that. You find yourself wanting to explore their interests.

When love is mutual, they’ll probably feel the same way about you and want to spend just as much time getting to know your interests.

This is really common for lovebirds. They get so into each other, and get oblivious of every other person.


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You don’t mind taking a beating for them

How do you know you’re in love?

You don’t mind making huge sacrifices.

When in love, feelings of dedication to the person abounds, hence the sincere desire to help and make life easier for them.

Interestingly, this includes going the extra mile just to ensure that they’re comfortable.

If you suddenly feel the urge to do something that would pose a significant change in your life, I suggest you take time to reflect on it.

In cases like this, you might be thinking with your heart and not your head.

And even after a series of thinking you still want to cut off your Mom and run off to Paris with this person, ensure that you are doing it for you. Endure that the feeling is mutual.

You see them as flawless

Being in love can make it easy to see the person as perfect. You fall in love with them and everything about them as a great ability to possess.

And at this point, you might turn a blind eye at the less attractive ones, excusing them with “strength covers the weakness.”

It’s normal to focus on someone’s positive side when in love. But it’s also necessary not to overlook the red flags in the process.

If your friends comments about some attributes, consider what they have to say. They aren’t in love with your partner, so they have an unbiased viewpoint and may notice things you won’t.

You feel their pain

Love is one thing that can  bring you in harmony to your partner’s needs.

It is a common thing for you to develop an increased sense of empathy when your love is growing.

In very beautiful cases, your partner’s sadness makes you sad and their joy becomes your joy.

This might mean going out of your way to shower them with love so that they don’t lack anything emotionally.

You feel safe

It is agreed that love comes with its own vulnerability.

As stated by a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist in New York and New Jersey ,  Madeline Cooper, “Long-lasting love is driven by the release of hormones vasopressin and oxytocin.

When we feel an attachment to a partner, our bodies recognize a sense of security, long-lasting love gives a feeling of having a solid ground, a safe space where you can share your inner self and be vulnerable with your feelings.”

You’re worried

There is something called “attachment panic,” and that is what gives birth to this feeling of worry.

You might feel hesitant when you’re falling in love, probably because we’re insecure and anxious.

However, if we feel that it is risky, then we should reconsider the relationship. It is likely not safe.

And chances exist that you might be rejected or abandoned.

Remember, you shouldn’t be anxious about your new partner, it is not a good feeling.

As stated earlier, in the bud to answer the question “how do you know you’re in love,” having shaky knees around them is not one of the answers.

You shouldn’t feel overly anxious about your new partner, it might be a sign to reassess the relationship.

It is required that you check in with yourself and your mental health and be honest about your feelings and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

I hope that one or two of the above points answered the question: “How do you know you’re in love?” For you.

Watch out for them and endeavor to remember that there is no particular manual for being in love.

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