How Can Exercise Improve Sleep? Find Out How(2023)

How can exercise improve sleep patter?

Exercising, in general, elevates the overall body temperature, which may be uncomfortable for sleep if too close to bedtime, especially for older adults. But after an hour, the core body temperature starts to call and it also regulates itself so you don’t run the risk of overheating. This decline helps to facilitate sleepiness. Remember to watch for the signs your body provides while exercising and adapt to being active and it will lead to good quality sleep, even if not for very long hours.

Here are some more tips to do very light exercises to improve blood circulation and stabilise blood pressure in order to get a peaceful, relaxed sleep.

1. Eye exercises

It is important to switch off digital screens and even television at least 2 hours before bedtime. Do simple blinking and eye rolls before getting shut-eye.

Eye exercises are really helpful. 

2. Breathing exercise/Pranayama

Yoga breathing is known to help with common sleep problems including sleep apnea (snoring). Simple savasana (corpse pose) while focussing on breathing also reportedly helps improve sleep quality.

So, suggest your parents to do these exercises every day and then they sleep well!

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