Hot Yoga: Health Benefits Of Doing Hot Yoga(2023)

What is hot yoga?

This variation of yoga is performed in a room heated between 80 degrees and 105 degrees Fahrenheit (30-45 degrees celsius), and offers a rigorous workout. The conditions to be set for this form of yoga are hot and humid, that should result in considerable sweating.

Practising yoga in a room that has been heated up is known as hot yoga. 

The poses demand lengthy, and sustained contractions of all major muscle groups and joints. The combination of heat and strenuous poses, will increase the heart rate of the practitioners, and help build the targeted muscles. These poses are your general yoga poses such as pranayama and garudasana, and breathing exercises, but require a more focused and sustained approach while being performed.

Here’s how hot yoga can benefit your health

Hot yoga can help improve overall bodily balance, stiffness, and provides a host of health benefits:

1. Improves flexibility and strength: The hot environment can make the yoga poses more effective, as stretching after a warm is safer than stretching cold or underused muscles. The heat will help you stretch better, relieve arterial stiffness,.and achieve a better range of motion. The engagement of muscles, coupled with enhanced ability to stretch, will boost your muscular strength.

2. It’s a great fat burner: The heat adds up the calorie burning count by manifolds. The intensity of heat and yoga poses targeting every major muscle group, will help target the fat deposits, and burn calories.

3. Helps reduce stress and anxiety: Hot yoga is a great way to focus on the present, and truly submit to the movements being performed. Deep breathing, improved blood circulation, and poses relaxing the muscles, will help reduce anxiety. Hot yoga helps increase oxygen and nutrient uptake in cells and release endorphins, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, thereby reducing stress levels.

If you’ve been troubled by stress, you should give hot yoga a chance! 

4. Reduces pain and swelling: This form of yoga may reduce pain and swelling in the back and lower limbs, by promoting blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can help reduce swelling and pain by removing wasteful byproducts from the body, and maintain fluid balance, especially the swollen area. Hot yoga also helps improve bone density, which will provide better pain threshold and absorb impact of injuries.

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