Hot Compliment Tactics For a Guy In 2023

Believe it or not, men have feelings, too. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe, given how insensitive they often are, but it’s true.

If you’re a woman, your friends are constantly telling you how gorgeous you are, how smart and witty you are, how you’re a modern-day goddess, and you should never settle for less.

Do you know how men talk? They insult each other. They bust each other’s balls. The warmth of being loved by Mom as a child is replaced by a cold and indifferent world where boys are told to “man up.”

As a result, you have generations of men who have been discouraged from expressing emotion or soliciting kindness and who are in silent, desperate need of a good compliment.

That’s why I’m going to explain how to compliment a guy.

Soon, you’re going to create more compassion in the world and make your man feel grateful to have someone who sees him in such a generous light. As silly as some of this may seem – I mean, really, 3000 words on how to compliment a guy? – knowing how to offer words of affirmation and other sweet compliments can be the glue that keeps your relationship strong. When a man feels good about himself, he feels good about you. When he feels good about you, it makes him want to be a better partner, and he never wants to leave.

Not to mention, the better you are at offering a sincere compliment to your boyfriend, the more likely your boyfriend will be to offer a great compliment to you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why men want compliments
  • Understand how insecurity can affect men’s thinking about giving compliments
  • Discover the different types of compliments that men like

Why Do Men Want To Hear Compliments More Often?

Honestly? Because we never hear them. Women support each other. Men cut each other down. Women share feelings. Men don’t. So while men and women both have measures of insecurity – we don’t think we’re good enough, smart enough, cute enough, rich enough – women have better support systems to deal with it. Networks of friends. Text chains. Women’s groups. Therapy. Close friendships.

Most guys have nothing but a job to sustain them – and while work does provide meaning and money, it doesn’t provide much in the way of compliments.

But even then, you may be left wondering: he’s cute, he’s smart, he’s a kind-hearted person, and he sometimes even comes across as arrogant – why would I suggest that he’s insecure?

Think about it: do secure people need to brag about themselves? Of course not. Sometimes the most successful and seemingly confident men are actually deeply insecure – just like beautiful women.

A guy can be insecure because:

  • His Mom or Dad wasn’t supportive.
  • His Mom or Dad wasn’t available.
  • His Mom or Dad was critical or abusive.
  • He was teased throughout his school years.
  • He’s not a particularly charismatic individual.
  • He’s not particularly experienced with women.
  • He comes from a self-effacing family or culture.
  • He sees himself accurately and doesn’t have reason to be confident.
  • Men rarely offer to compliment men.
  • A bunch of the above explanations may be true.

I’m fishing here, but you get the idea.

There are a number of reasons why people act from a place of insecurity, but all of them predate you and are probably pretty deep-seated. Thus, there are only two cures for insecurity:

  1. Therapy, which requires time, money, and a good recommendation.
  2. Positive experience with you, in which your boyfriend can learn the negative things he’s internalized about himself are not entirely true, shouldn’t define him, and are dragging him down.

You can’t force him to go through therapy, but if you’re a great girlfriend, you can be a great listener and ask him why he continually thinks the worst about the man you love.

Then just sit back and listen. And, whenever possible, give him all the positive reinforcement he needs.

Soon, he’ll see why a woman like you continues to choose him above all others. He may not believe the good compliments yet. But with your help, he might — and you’ll have a more attractive, confident, and relaxed boyfriend when you’re done.

Here are a handful of ways to offer positive words that make men feel respected and valued.

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