Tips on Delivering Hickey Excuses

Important Tips on Delivering Your Hickey Excuses

A  great hickey excuse is only as good as its delivery. So let’s dive into some pro tips on how to serve these hickey excuses like a seasoned actor on a Broadway stage.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Before you even step out the door, practice your chosen hickey excuse in front of the mirror. Get the tone, the facial expression, and the timing down pat. The more natural you sound, the less likely someone will question your story. So rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

2. Keep it Casual

Don’t go overboard with details. Offering too much information can make it sound like you’re trying to cover something up. Stick to your story, keep it simple, and act like it’s no big deal. After all, if you’re casual about it, others are more likely to be as well.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

It’s all in the eyes! When you’re delivering your hickey excuse, look the person straight in the eye. It’ll make you appear more sincere and believable. Plus, eye contact is often seen as a sign of honesty, so use that psychology tip to your advantage.

4. Be Consistent

If you tell one person you got tangled in a dog leash and another that you were sampling allergic colognes, word might get around that your story is inconsistent. Stick with one hickey excuse and keep to it. Consistency is key when it comes to believability.

5. Use Humor to Deflect

If all else fails, a little humor can go a long way. Crack a joke about your “clumsiness” or “bad luck” to make light of the situation. People are more likely to let the topic slide if they’re busy laughing.

6. Timing is Everything

If someone brings up your hickey, don’t rush into your excuse right away. Take a beat, act surprised that they even noticed, and then casually drop your rehearsed line.

A well-timed delivery can make your hickey excuse more convincing.

7. Know Your Audience

Some excuses will work better with certain people. Your grandma might not buy the “VR gaming session” line, but your friends might.

Tailor your hickey excuse to the person you’re talking to for maximum impact.

8. Gauge Their Reaction

Pay close attention to the other person’s facial expressions and body language as you deliver your excuse. If they seem skeptical, you might need to elaborate a little more or even switch tactics. Reading the room is essential for any Oscar-worthy performance.

9. Have a Wingman or Wingwoman Ready

If possible, prep a friend beforehand to back up your story. A well-timed, “Oh yeah, I remember when that happened!” can give your hickey excuse an extra layer of credibility. Just make sure your accomplice knows which story you’re sticking to!

10. Be Ready for Follow-up Questions

Some people are naturally inquisitive and might ask for more details. Think a step ahead and be prepared for any follow-up questions that could come your way. A seamless narrative will make your hickey excuse unassailable.

11. Change the Topic

If you find that the scrutiny is becoming too intense, a sudden change in conversation can be your best friend. Transition smoothly into a different topic that you know will engage the other person.

“Oh, speaking of skincare, have you tried that new charcoal mask?” Or perhaps, “You won’t believe the crazy thing my pet did yesterday!” If they’re invested in the new topic, they’ll likely forget all about your little “blemish.”



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