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Hickey Excuses That Are Believable

Alright, so your hickey is front and center, practically waving hello to everyone who passes by. Maybe it’s peeking out from under your collar, or perhaps it’s so bold it deserves its own Instagram account.

Either way, you need some hickey excuses that are as believable as your grandma saying she loves all her grandchildren equally. Let’s get into it!

1. “I had an allergic reaction to a bug bite.”

Especially convincing if it’s summer or you’ve been in a natural setting lately. Explain you went hiking, camping, or simply took a walk outside, and before you knew it, you were scratching away at this ‘bug bite.’ For authenticity, maybe Google what a real allergic reaction to a bug bite looks like. Knowledge is power!

2. “My skin reacted badly to my new lotion.”

Hey, skincare is a journey, am I right? One day you’re loving your new moisturizer, and the next day your skin’s protesting like a toddler who missed their nap. You can back this excuse up by saying you’ve been trying a new lotion with unfamiliar ingredients. Bonus points if you actually know what’s in your skincare products.

3. “I was experimenting with vacuum cupping therapy.”

Getting into wellness trends? Say you were trying out cupping to help with some muscle tension. You know, the thing where they put suction cups on you and it’s supposed to improve blood flow? Mention you left one on for too long and voila, hickey excuse served on a wellness platter.

4. “I was practicing self-defense moves and missed the padding.”

You were working on your self-defense techniques, aiming for a padded target. Except you missed and ended up getting a bit bruised. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

5. “I accidentally walked into a tree branch while hiking.”

Call it a close encounter with Mother Nature. You were out enjoying the great outdoors when you had a clumsy moment. Makes for a great story and an even better hickey excuse.

6. “The strap on my bag was rubbing against my neck.”

This is the adult version of “the dog ate my homework,” but it’s oddly effective. If you’re known for carrying a bag that’s larger than your list of responsibilities, people might just buy it. To make it more credible, add that you had to walk a long distance with said bag—perhaps to or from a public transportation stop.

7. “I was testing Halloween makeup and it stained.”

This one’s especially great in October, but hey, who says you can’t be a year-round Halloween enthusiast? Say you were testing some special effects makeup and, lo and behold, it stained. Lesson learned, right?

8. “I got a minor sports injury.”

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or your idea of a sport is lifting a pint, this excuse has versatility. Explain that you got a bit too competitive in a casual game and ended up with this unsightly mark. For a nice dash of credibility, lament about how you wish you’d scored a point instead of a bruise.

9. “I got jabbed in paintball.”

Hey, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the paintball field. Say you were ducking and weaving like a pro but still got pegged in the neck by a rogue paintball. Talk about how it stings and you were surprised by how much it marked you.

10. “I burnt myself with my hair straightener/curling iron.”

Beauty is pain, or in this case, a well-timed hickey excuse. If you often use hair tools, this could be your get-out-of-jail-free card. Relate that you were in a hurry and slipped with the straightener or curling iron, leaving a mark. A cautionary tale and an excuse in one!

11. “I tried a DIY neck massage and pressed too hard.”

This is the modern age—of course you’re watching YouTube tutorials for everything from cooking to self-care. Explain that you were following a DIY neck massage guide and got a bit too enthusiastic with the pressure. Hey, we’ve all been there.

12. “I had an awkward fall and hit my neck against a corner.”

The good ol’ clumsy card. You tripped or stumbled and had a minor collision with a piece of furniture. Could happen to anyone, right? Particularly effective if you’re known to be a bit accident-prone.

13. “I tried a new razor and it didn’t go well.”

The perils of grooming. You were trying to achieve that fresh, clean shave and the razor slipped, causing more harm than good. Add a dash of “I should have read the reviews first,” and you’re golden.

14. “I was trying a DIY skin treatment with a suction device.”

Blame it on the never-ending quest for perfect skin. You bought a facial suction device online to try and get rid of blackheads or increase circulation, and boom, you ended up with that mark. Everyone loves a good online shopping fail story.

15. “I leaned against a hot surface by accident.”

Blame it on absentmindedness or multitasking. Maybe you were cooking and leaned against the oven or stovetop without realizing it was still hot. It’s silly, it’s embarrassing, and it’s a great hickey excuse.

16. “I had a bad reaction to a fabric softener or laundry detergent.”

This one’s great because it’s easily relatable and possible. Maybe you changed laundry detergents and your skin didn’t take kindly to the new formula. Let people know you’ll be switching back to your old detergent pronto!

17. “I got tangled in my pet’s leash.”

If you have a dog, or any pet that you take out on a leash, this could be a believable tale. Maybe Fido saw a squirrel and made a dash for it, wrapping the leash around your neck briefly. Ah, the things we endure for love.

18. “I scratched myself in my sleep.”

Ah, the sleeping alibi—so simple, yet so effective. Say you had a vivid dream and woke up to find you’d scratched yourself. This might even get people interested in what you were dreaming about, steering the conversation away from hickey territory.

19. “It’s a birthmark I’ve always had, you just never noticed before.”

Play it off like it’s always been there and make them question their own observation skills. This one’s a bit daring, but if executed with confidence, it can really work.

20. “I was playing a game of tag and got tagged—hard.”

Childhood games, adult consequences. Say you were playing a spirited game of tag with some friends or younger relatives, and someone tagged you with a bit too much enthusiasm. Hey, it’s a contact sport!

21. “I was trying a TikTok challenge and failed miserably.”

Blame it on the ‘For You’ page. You saw a challenge that required some intricate movements and you didn’t quite nail it. It’s relatable, and it might even get you some sympathy likes if you post your “fail” online.

22. “I had an intense acupuncture session.”

Say you’re exploring alternative therapies. Maybe you leaned into the needle a bit too much or the acupuncturist was trying a new technique. Either way, you got more than you bargained for.

23. “I had a minor fender bender and hit my neck on the steering wheel.”

This one is more on the serious side, so use it judiciously. Explain that you had a minor car accident, and even though you’re fine, you got this mark during the impact. Safety first, everyone!

24. “I was caught in a mini hailstorm.”

Seasonally specific but the weather always offers good cover stories. Say you were outside when a hailstorm came out of nowhere. Before you could take cover, one got you right on the neck.

25. “I was doing some gardening and got pricked by a thorn.”

This one adds a touch of poetic tragedy, doesn’t it? You were communing with nature, tending to roses or berry bushes, when a sneaky thorn caught you off guard. Ouch but poetic!

26. “I was practicing my knot-tying skills and got a rope burn.”

Channeling your inner Boy or Girl Scout? You were practicing knots, maybe for camping or sailing, and slipped up. The rope left more than just an impression on you; it left a mark!

27. “My little cousin/niece/nephew drew on me with a permanent marker.”

Blame the irresistibly adorable but chaotic energy of small children. You were spending quality family time when the little artist decided to make you their canvas. Permanent markers—can’t trust ’em!

28. “I bumped my neck on the corner of my laptop/tablet.”

A modern-day dilemma indeed. Maybe you were juggling multiple devices and accidentally bumped your neck on a sharp edge. It’s a sign of the times, and a very 21st-century hickey excuse.

29. “I tripped while jogging and scraped my neck on a fence.”

Hey, exercise isn’t always pretty. Say you were trying to keep up your fitness routine, but the universe had other plans. A tumble near a fence, and voila, instant hickey excuse.

30. “I was practicing my stage combat skills.”

If you’ve got any theater buffs in your circle, this will speak to them. You were practicing your fake slaps and punches, but someone got a little too real. Cue the dramatic gasps.

31. “I was sampling colognes and had an allergic reaction.”

Those department store freebies can get you every time. You tried a new scent and bam, instant skin reaction. Let this be a lesson in always doing a patch test first.

32. “I had an intense VR gaming session.”

Virtual reality can have very real consequences. You were lost in the game and somehow managed to whack yourself. Blame it on those immersive graphics!

33. “I was trying to open a stubborn jar and it slipped, hitting me.”

Yes, the pitfalls of everyday life. You were battling that impossible-to-open jar of pickles, it slipped, and you ended up with a mark. And you still haven’t gotten to those pickles.

34. Just own it!

Why beat around the bush when you can stand tall and proud? Sometimes, the best way to deal with a hickey is to embrace it.

Whether it’s a mark from a loved one or a result of a passionate night, owning it can sometimes be the most empowering choice. After all, you’re an adult, and a little love mark never hurt anyone.

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