Hemophilia And Pregnancy: Pregnancy Complications For Women With Hemophilia(2023)

Hemophilia and pregnancy

The good news is that hemophilia can’t stop you from getting pregnant. But before getting pregnant, you need to have information about:

• The chances of your child having hemophilia (women with hemophilia have a 50 percent chance of passing the disorder to their children).
• How the disorder is treated and is there care available at a local level.
• How pregnancy, labour and delivery should be managed to reduce risks to you and the child.
• The options that are available for conception as well as prenatal diagnosis.

Find out if there can be pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy complications for women with hemophilia

Women with bleeding disorders are not generally believed to be at increased risk of severe bleeding unless they have severe factor XIII deficiency.  In that case, there might be chances of excessive bleeding during pregnancy, miscarriages, preterm delivery, postpartum haemorrhages and baby affected with the same disorder and having bleeding in brain or other form of haemorrhage.

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