Help! The Lady I Love Passionately Is Giving Me a Cold Shoulder

Dear Love Doctor,

I am in my early 30s.

Early last month,  I met a Lady who I established and maintained contact with because the energy was electric and I loved it.

The interest was mutual because she brought the right kind of vibes and created the perfect environment.

So due to the nature of my work I am not always around even though we stay in the same town. She is a business woman who works from Tuesday through Saturday and we’ve been making arrangements to see for a while now.

Sincerely, I cherish this lady.


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Our first date was the sweetest thing I remember since secondary school. We kissed and made out.

Afterwards, we talked about freaky things and she couldn’t stop talking about how huge my penis was when she felt my boner as we made out. We joked and that was it.

Currently, she has become distant. She wouldn’t reply my messages, take or return my calls.

Her attitude just changed and even when she took my call, she’d say something about being busy and drop the line.

On my life, I love this lady.

I don’t know what or how I did wrong.

Please, I sincerely need advice on how to remedy this.


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