Help! My Sin as a Single Lady is Haunting My Marriage

Dear Love Doctor,

I don’t know what to say because I’m very sad now.

This happens to be my fourth year in marriage without a child.

I am married to a good man, although every man has his own downside but my hubby man never laid his hand on me for once, he provides for all my needs.

However, my family doesn’t like my husband because they believe that he doesn’t spend enough money on them and as for me, I do try my best for my family.

The last time I had a funeral as a family, my husband spent about 100k yet, my family said he didn’t do anything.

The height of it is that because of this issue, my sister and I have become enemies.

I’ve spent some much money on my fertility treatment till last month when I decided to get a full abdominal scan done.

After doing the scan, the woman asked if I had miscarried a baby before to which I nodded affirmatively. It was 5 years back before I even met my husband.

Then, I was in a relationship with a certain man not knowing he was a married man.  Before I realized, I was already 3 months gone and couldn’t get myself to abort the baby.

A few weeks later, I started seeing blood and went to a doctor who advised me to go for a scan.

Through a scan, it was discovered that I lost the baby which left me heartbroken. I had to go to my mother.

When I called the man and explained everything, he sent me money for evacuation.

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Sadly, my mom used up the money and bought me Ampiclox antibiotics and recommended that I take it with hot water regularly. The bleeding later stopped but the blood remained in my womb.

Ever since, my period has never been regular, it can flow heavily for 30 days straight up.


My husband is committed to putting a stop to my fertility problem, not knowing that my mom is the cause of my problem.

The doctor have insisted that the only solution is to wash my womb because the stale blood have caused damage to my womb

This is the point where I need advice.

Should I tell my husband the truth about the miscarriage?

I lied about the pregnancy then because the money that was required was too much for me or my family to shoulder.   

Please, what do you suggest?

Should I tell him now or I should wait till I complete my treatment?

I called my mom to explain what the doctor said and since then she has gone stonewall on me. She has never mentioned or asked how I’m going about it. I’m seriously in pain, even the only sister I have blocked my number.

I know I came from the wrong family, but what will I do?

Also, I have decided never to send her money again since she is not a caring mother.

Kindly advise her, you can share your story via the email – [email protected]

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