Help! My Pastor Said My Husband Is Behind All My Miscarriages

Dear Love Doctor,

I am seriously running mad.

This is barely a year and six months of my marriage and within the short period, I have had 5 miscarriages.

The sad thing is that it happens in the second month. The 4th one was twins!!!

My husband and I have done everything medically advisable and the results came out that we’re perfectly okay.

Now, each time I make mention of taking on the issue spiritually not in a juju way, but solely to find someone who’ll proffer a solution since we’re medically fine, my husband will pick offense and quarrel with me through the day.

I happen to have had my fill and decided to stop telling him and went without his knowledge.

The disturbing thing here is that the pastor I met told me that my husband is the cause of my problems.


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According to the pastor, my husband is into something which is causing the miscarriages.

Truth is that my mom and my elder brother have told me something similar and I was adamant about it but now prophecy has revealed it and I’m still in shock.

When I got back home, he started probing about my whereabouts and I lied that I went to my elder brother’s house to see him. He called me a liar and told me that I went to a prayer house and for that I should leave his house.

Without any arguments whatsoever, I left his house to stay with my elder. I had no idea that I was already a few weeks gone.

My challenge now is that I intend to return to my parents. I don’t know whether I should keep this pregnancy a secret and see what will happen or to inform him since we’re lawfully wedded and it is his seed growing inside of me.

What exactly do I do?

I really want this child to survive.

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