Help!!! My Mother-In-Law Is Diabolic

Dear Love Doctor,

I got married into a family without knowing that my mother-in-law is diabolic.

She is responsible for my predicaments.

It has been years since I got married and gave birth to my two kids, but the moment my mother-in-law stepped into my home everything started crumbling.

When she was leaving my house to hers she left with my child’s clothes and my items including my sponge and towel.

I visited her and spent the night at her place, only for my towel and my daughter’s leggings got missing.

Afterwards, my husband and I started having issues non-stop as she incited quarrels.

We got to find out that she was behind our predicaments when her children went somewhere to pray and it was revealed to them that she was the cause of everything they were going through.

At first, I didn’t believe them, till everything started unfolding.


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When they tried traditional means of enquiring of the gods, they received the same message.

Love Doctor,  I wish I found out early enough I would not have told her our plans because all the plans and things we shared with her never came through.

The fight with my husband has not ceased till now, my family is in ruins same as her other children’s.

I don’t know how to begin, I don’t know where to start.

How do I remedy this?

First, I want peace to be restored to my home.

Second, I want her to lose her control over my husband and his siblings.

What do we do?

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