Help!!! My Mother-In-Law Is Aggressive Towards My Kids

Dear Love Doctor,

it all started when I delivered my baby earlier this year. My Mom is of blessed memory, hence I requested that my husband call his own mother to come for the omugwo.

After a few days if her arrival, her behaviour towards me and my kids changed.

She would beat my three years old at the slightest provocation. She would rain curses on the child for innocent mistake that children are expected to make.

One time, she beat my child up for playing with a bitter leaf that was made for cooking — just one leaf — and after Ater several minutes of trying to calm the child down, I pleaded with her not beat the child again. I informed that she can always report to me to carry out the discipline.


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She stated shouting.

Her best argument was that what I was referring to as my child was her son’s child too so she could beat him as she pleased to correct him if he tried an of her belongings. My husband heard about it and supported his mother.

I wasn’t happy so I left the sitting room to my room to lay my head.

As it stands, this disagreement has led to bug changes in my home.

What wrong did I do by what I said that will make an enemy out of my mother-in-law?

What do I do now?

It has become me versus my mother-in-law and she always have a way of convincing my hubby that I am wrong.

Love Doctor, please help!

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