Help!!! My Husband Lie About Everything

Dear Love Doctor,

I got married in 2018 as a 22 years old lady.

Since I got married, I’ve never for one day enjoyed the union.

I got married to a chronic liar. He lied about his work, age, identity, everything!

When I realized this, I didn’t know how to react to it so I decided to bottle it all in and make the marriage work.

And as if that wasn’t enough burden to bear, he decided not to take up his responsibilities as a husband, he has never given me a dime to get anything for myself or to make my hair. He goes physical on me at will and sometimes will chase me from our compund to the neighbouring compounds.

I have collapsed more than three times while receiving beatings from him. One time, he disgraced me in the neighbourhood calling me a cheat and threw my personal effects out of the house afterwards.

Last year, I was able to make up my mind a leave.


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I didn’t have enough resources to take our son along so I left without him. It was a tough decision but I had to make it, for the sake of my life and my sanity.

Now, he’s pleading that I come back.


As it stands, he still justifies his actions and this makes me more scared of him. I’ve lost every atom of respect and love I had for and wants to stay as far from him as possible. But my dad is angry because he doesn’t want me to be seperated,. It’s not a very convenient choice for me, but I value my life and my mental health and I am glad that my son is in good health.

He’s asking for his dowry back and Dad is looking at me like a child who doesn’t know what she’s doing but I don’t really care. His family has never liked me for one day. His sisters and father swore that I’ll never be a wife to their brother and son.

I’ve tried making my father understand but he’s not having it, what should I do?

Did I make the right decision by living?

Is my father right to think that I am making a rash decision by leaving my home?

Please what do I do?

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