Help!!! My Husband is a Notorious Cheat

Dear Love Doctor,

I have been married for a year and seven months with a son and within this short span, I have seen hell.

I have a husband who takes care of us financially but sleeps around with an abandon. I no longer trust him since he’s in the habit of justifying his wrongs.

Some time ago, I  caught him red-handed with a woman and he didn’t bother to apologize, he bought me a gift rather.

I was really broken because I have seen incriminating chats on his phone and confronted him only for him to turn tables on me pick on my words.

I waited for him to apologize but he never did, I gave him an attitude and distance but it didn’t get to him.

When I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I woke him up in the middle of the night to iron out the issue and the only thing he could say was “woman, don’t add to my problems.”


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I refused to let it slide and he ended up beating me up that night.

The next day, I was prepared to leave but he wouldn’t let me. He pleaded and asked the neighbours to join him because he realized that I was the one most important person in his life and he couldn’t do without me.

After that incident, he promised never to cheat on me again only for me to find out a week after that he was texting s girl telling her that the weather was for two and how he’d love to have her on his bed and all of that.

I love this man with the whole of me,I have done nothing but love him. I am very beautiful, you wouldn’t even believe that I have given birth, I am faithful, I am homely, I am submissive, I really don’t know what he’s looking outside for.


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My heart can’t take it anymore.

I have been enduring this but I am scared both for him and myself. I don’t know when he’ll pick up any infection and pass it on to me.

Why is he finding it difficult to commit to our beautiful Marriage?

Can I possibly be the problem?

Love Doctor, please help.

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