Help! My Friend’s Mother-In-Law Threatened to Destroy Her

Dear Love Doctor,

My best friend is not legally married, this is because her mother-in-law refused to accept her and threatened to destroy their marriage plans.

She became pregnant and her husband pleaded with her to stay with him.

Frankly, her husband and his siblings with their father had agreed and accepted her, people had even gone to beg her mother-in-law, yet she didn’t give any specific reason for rejecting her.

She gave birth to the child and the baby died.


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That same week, she and her husband went to see her mother-in-law.

Upon their arrival, the mother-in-law mocked and laughed at them and without any reservations, told them that since they refused to separate, they will keep crying for the rest of their life.

I adviced her to go but her husband wouldn’t let her, they were encouraged to pray, because even her in-laws didn’t want her to go.

Mind you, her mother in law is not staying with her husband anymore.

During her second pregnancy God rescued her through CS and they kept it to themselves.

The mother-in-law told her to go and thank her God.

Third pregnancy, she lost the baby again.

Presently, they can barely feed.   

She was informed by different ministers that her children were killed by her mother-in-law who still insists that she must leaves or face further problems.


She is asking if she should stay or leave because her husband is innocent of all these, and her in-laws save for her mother-in-law has no hand in these.

What is she to do???

She’s scared for her life and that of her surviving child, she’s scared of taking in again.

Please, note that her parents have asked that she quit the relationship and return home.

However, fear has gotten the better part of her as she’s scared of many things, including finding another man who will marry her.


Please advise her on what to do…

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