Help! My Ex Boyfriend and My Hubby Live in The Same Area

Dear Love Doctor,

My ex boyfriend and boyfriend (Hubby) stay in the same area of which I was not aware of.

I knew my Ex through his sister so most times I visited him or them most times which led to the development of a strong bond between his elder brother and I since I was almost like family.

After my introduction, I noticed that my hubby’s house was in the same area as that of my ex, so they started complaining about how I never said hi and how that was not nice.

So one day, I went to visit without informing any of them. I went and nobody was at home. I had to text my ex and tell him that I was at their place but nobody was around.

He asked why I didn’t call to inform him beforehand and I told him that there was nothing special about my visit, I only stopped that day Hi.


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After that day, I never had anything to do with him again. But my husband, he is always talking with his ex and other “female friends” with the excuse that I did it first.

Since I got married to him, I have never tried to reach out to my ex or any of his siblings and I have been nothing but faithful. I don’t understand why he’s just holding on to the past.

I have pleaded and apologized severally so we could move forward but he’s not having any of it.

And it is not like my husband is a saint, but him judging me for an innocent mistake that anybody could make is not fair.

I’m not trying to justify what I did, but while we were dating, two of his ex girlfriends spent the night in his house without my knowledge. Ever since, he developed the habit of hiding things from me.

I have nothing against him because I don’t know how to stay angry for long or hold grudges even, but the rate at which he keeps making me feel less because of that occurrence is not fair.

Note that whenever I catch him cheating, he gives a ton of reasons why he doesn’t owe me faithfulness just to justify himself.

What do I do about this?

How do I attack this issue?

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