Help Me!!! My Husband Wants to Divorce Me For Gaining Weight

Dear Love Doctor,

Please help!

I’m in serious trouble, my husband has demanded that I leave his house because he feels I will be fatter than he expected.

I married my husband weighing 59kg and he said he didn’t want me to weigh less or more than that.

His reason was that his mother was too fat and his father couldn’t lift her. He told me a story about when his mother fainted and needed to be rushed to the hospital but his father couldn’t lift her.

He was sweating and shouting for help but because they lived alone in the compound, no one could come to his aid.

His father was able to find someone but they still couldn’t lift her so they had to find two other persons to help. It was so bad that they couldn’t even pass the door because of his mother’s fatness.

They had to break the door and the next door before they could carry her past them.


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He stares clearly that he would never go through such shame again, hence the need for me to return to my father’s house arose.

Please understand that I don’t want to be fat either. For this reason, I don’t eat what others eat, I don’t eat meat, fish, egg and butter.¬† I only eat snails and crayfish.

He asked that I check my weight on Sunday and I weighed 64kg. He got angry and asked me to leave because he can’t deal with fat women. I do my exercises, starve myself and eat less.

Please what can I do because I don’t want to lose my home. And as it stands now, I can’t seem to get my thoughts together.


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