Help! I’m Sexually Starved In My Marriage

Dear Love Doctor,

I am married with two kids and it has gotten to the point where I am totally fed up of the union.

I wouldn’t want to cheat on my man but I’m being forced to.

I am sexually starved. He seldom gets aroused and when he does his game is a little below zero

I have never orgasmed since forever. If we’re on it before I say Jack, he has released and that’s it.

We’ve tried several treatments and he has gotten better but guess what?

He’s now sleeping around!

I mean, when he was a 20 seconds man, he didn’t dare to do such, but Joe  whole he thinks it gives him the right to go about having flings.


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I checked on the bottle of herbs we go and I noticed he has exhausted on girls. I am so livid.

This is the man that deflowered me, i have been faithful but I am not myself.

I’m sexually frustrated.

What should I do?

I can’t possibly bring myself to cheat on him.

Should I divorce him?

Please, I need your advice.

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