Help! I’m Pregnant Again and I Gave Birth a Few Months Ago

Dear Love Doctor,

Good morning, Sir.

I really messed up or should I say I was stupid

I made love with my husband when I was not safe. We are on withdrawal method but before we make love, I remind to remember to withdraw knowing that our baby is just few months old alongside the fact that my business is a stressful one.

I have no one to help out so I bear the burden even as a nursing mother.

I never forget to remind him of these every time because coping with pregnancy while breastfeeding could be a lot of work.


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Yesterday, I was expecting to see my flow. For the past few days I’ve been feeling sick and I attributed it to malaria but after my flow failed to start yesterday, I decided to buy PT strip to confirm my fears.

I checked it earlier today and it came out positive!

This means am two weeks or three weeks gone.

Where do I start?

I need suggestions,  is there any thing I could do at this point?

My little baby isn’t even feeling fine, my business is at stake, my health too.

Sincerely, I love babies but this timing is so wrong, I can’t even afford another child at the moment.

Please, please, please!

I need your advice.

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