Heavy Protein Diet: Health Effects Of Eating Heavy Protein Diet In 2023


1. I included too much protein in my diet and ended up gaining 4 more kilos
Yes, eating too much protein can lead to weight gain. I was in complete shock when I used the weighing machine and found out, that instead of losing, I’ve gained weight. The main culprits were eggs and chicken, the two things on which I was surviving. Excessive protein spiked up my cholesterol level, making me flabby instead of flat.

When I narrated this weight gain saga to my trainer, he told me that I need to bring moderation in consuming protein as it gets stored in our body in the form of fat. Too much amino acid released by it can lead to weight gain.

I was literally surviving on eggs. 

2. It made me dehydrated and bloated
I used to feel thirsty all the time when I was on the protein diet. When I spent time researching on it, I found that when there is too much protein in the body, the kidney has to work extra hard to flush it out. Due to this, important minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium are also flushed from the body which causes severe dehydration. This also added to my fatigue level and at times, I used to experience severe headaches. This also lead to bloating for me.

3. The smell of my breath suddenly became foul
My breath wasn’t that bad when I used to gulp garlic on an empty stomach but too much protein also gave me a bad breath. This happened due to the process called ketosis where stored fat was burned by my body to release energy since I was on a low-carbs diet.

My breath was horrible.

4. I was unable to poop properly
A protein diet doesn’t have that much fibre in it which affected my gut and I ended up with constipation.

5. I had some major mood swings
Only carbs can bring joy to me, be it in the form of paratha, chhole bhature, or a good serving of pasta. Honestly, just thinking about these makes me feel good. All this happens because carbs are known to boost serotonin levels which keep the mood in check. When I was on a low-carb diet, I used to be so irritable and fussy.

So, this was my story. Too much protein turned my life upside down instead of nurturing my body. That’s why, if you’ll ask me my views on protein, I’d straight up tell you moderation is key.

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