Heart Problem: Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Problem(2023)


Signs and symptoms of heart problems

According to Dr. Joshi, the following signs should be taken seriously

* Chest pain is the most common sign of heart problems and heart attacks. Although this sign is very common in men, it is possible that these symptoms can be underlying in the case of women and may go unnoticed. They experience symptoms which often get confused with the symptoms of other health conditions, leading to a delay in treatment.

*Jaw pain, stomach issues, and dizziness, are more prominent symptoms of heart attack in women.

* Women in their 40s should track important numbers such as blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, body mass index(BMI), and cholesterol.

Here are some ways to prevent heart diseases in women:

1. If you have high blood pressure or Body Mass Index, you need to make basic improvements to your lifestyle. Change your diet, indulge in regular exercise, get enough sleep, or take timely medication to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, go for regular checkups, and consulting a doctor in case of any health issues.

A healthy lifestyle is extremely necessary for women post 40! 

2. “Women should follow a diet rich in fibers and proteins, moderate in carbs and low in fat, which will ensure reversing the blockage in heart arteries,” says Dr. Joshi. One should avoid excess salt and processed foods and instead, opt for healthier alternatives such as fresh fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants and micronutrients.

3. To avert any health condition, women must exercise regularly (even during pregnancy), meditate or pursue a hobby, follow a healthy diet, avoid drinking and smoking and most importantly get regular health check-ups.

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