7 Heart-Melting Phrases That Make a Guy Fall for You

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier to make a man fall in love with you than you think. Even a player who plans to fling you can still fall in love with you. But you have to play your card right. 

Trust me; there are hidden codes to make any man fall in love with you. And it’s much easier than you think. 

The one and only formula to make a man fall in love with you is.

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Like I was saying, the key to making any man melt for you is the Intention Behind What You say

If you continuously grease your man’s ego, appreciate him, and make him feel like a superhero, you will find a way to his heart. 

So, here are 7 man-melting phrases to Make your guy fall for you; 

#1. Appreciate What People Don’t Know About Him

The first kind of phrases that could make a man fall for you are those that appreciate his unknown. 

Every guy has something they are so passionate about. But nobody knows about it. He could be good with the keyboards, loves playing the violin, has several art collections, etc. 

Once you are with a guy, observe what he’s so passionate about that most people don’t know. Appreciate those things. And let him know how much you are proud of him because of those things he loves. 

If you are the only one who appreciates and sees the bright side of what your man is doing, he will see you as a special person. 

Because he believes you see things in him that other people don’t see. Trust me, it’s a great emotional trigger for him. 

For instance, if your man is a superstar salesman, a phrase like “darling, I was never wrong about you. You have always had the drive and persistence to achieve whatever you want. I’m proud of you.”

#2. Appreciate His Choices and Perception

Every guy is passionate about his perception. He wants to believe in his ability to make good choices. 

When his choices pay off, he feels elated. Leadership is in the DNA of everyman. And when you appreciate his choices and perception – you validate him. 

For instance, let your man know you appreciate his sense of style and appearance. You can say, “wow! Your shirt is so fashionable and your jeans are exceptionally awesome.”

Complements like this make a man feel on top of the world… 

#3. Appreciate His Sexual Performance

Hmmm… This is another area where you can make your man fall in love with you. Every man wants to believe that he’s good in bed. It’s the truth, but nobody will admit it. 

So, if you want him to feel differently about you, give him affirmation about his masculinity. 

Let me give you a clue – the next time you get intimate with him, let him know how great his performance was. 

Hey! Don’t fake it; try to be as real as possible. You can say, “Huh, that was awesome – have you suddenly grown bigger?” 

#4. Let Him Know How You Feel About Him

It gladdens a man’s heart when their woman shows and expresses love to them. You don’t need to hide your feelings for any reason. 

Let your man know how much you love and cherish him. Over time, he will start feeling the same way. And if you up your game, he would fall in love with you in no time. 

#5. Make Him a Masculine Man

Nothing gladdens a man better than greasing his ego. Just make him feel manly, and you will see how far he will go to make you happy. 

Regardless of how much a man loves you, if you start insulting him with words like a wimp, don’t be such a girl, etc., his love for you will gradually die a natural death. 

So, if you want your man to fall in love with you, don’t make him feel weak. Instead, make him feel that he’s a strong source of manliness in your life. 

And you can make him feel that way by saying any of the following to him; 

  • “Darling, I feel so safe when I’m around you.”
  • “Whenever we are together, I feel taken care of.”
  • “Wow, you make me feel invincible whenever I’m with you.
  • Everything is different with you. You always treat me like I’m the only one in this world. 

These phrases will naturally trigger his primal instincts as a superhero who wants to protect his woman at all costs. 

Sometimes, you may not really need his protection. But if you want him to fall in love with you, try to make him believe you can provide you the protection you need. 

#6. Raw Appreciation

Learn to express raw appreciation and gratitude to your man. It works like magic. And you will be shocked how your man will become more attached to you. 

Once your man starts feeling attached to you, he tends to express a series of emotions and brain chemicals. 

One of the heartfelt phrases men love is something like – “I love it when you cuddle me after sex.”

The truth is, every guy wants to know what he’s doing to make his lady happy. It’s one of the men’s drives, and they never get tired of it.

But if you aren’t appreciating your man enough, his eyes tend to wander. 

However, if you show him raw appreciation, he will feel loved. And it will definitely create more bonds between you guys. 

#7. Accept the Reality

If you want your man to fall helplessly in love with you, learn to accept reality in the relationship. 

For instance, you have to accept the reality that your relationship won’t always be the priority in his life. I know this may sound strange to you. But it’s the bitter truth. 

And if you will tell yourself the truth, you will admit that he’s not always the priority in your life. 

C’mon! You guys have lives to live, friends to spend time with, and much other personal stuff. And if you accept this reality, you will find your way into his heart. 

And you can always get his attention back by saying – “Darling look, I know your sports, your friends, and occasional video games may sometimes take more of your time. And I’m okay with that.”

Once you say this to your man, he will realize that you need his attention. Of course, he would drop whatever he’s doing and give you all the attention you deserve. 

You see, making a man fall in love with you isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is to say the right things to him at the right time.

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