Healthy Ways To Use Herbs For Happiness In 2023

Ways to use herbs for happiness

These herbs can be easily incorporated in your daily routine. Here’s how!

1. Capsules or supplements

Ayurvedic herbs are easily available in capsule or supplement form. This is quite a convenient way to consume the herbs, especially if you prefer a standardised dosage. Just follow the recommended dosage instructions that is given on the packaging or check with a doctor for guidance.

2. Herbal teas

The good thing is that many Ayurvedic herbs can be enjoyed as herbal teas. All you have to do is steep the herbs in hot water for a few minutes then strain and drink up.

Some of the herbal tea types can uplift your mood. 

3. Powdered form

Ayurvedic herbs are also found in powdered form, which you can add to foods and beverages. You can sprinkle the powdered herbs on your meals or mix them with healthy smoothies or stir them into warm milk, suggests Dr Varma.

4. Ayurvedic formulations

You can go for Ayurvedic formulations, such as churnas, oils and herbal blends. They often contain a combination of herbs that are specifically formulated for various purposes. But take them after checking with an Ayurvedic expert.

5. Herb-infused oils

Some Ayurvedic herbs are used to prepare herbal-infused oils, which can be applied topically. You can massage the oil onto your scalp or body.

Ayurvedic herbs are generally considered safe, but you should exercise caution or avoid specific herbs altogether. Certain herbs including ashwagandha, brahmi and jatamansi might have uterine-stimulating effects and should be avoided during pregnancy. And if you have allergies or sensitivities then also you should skip them.

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