Healthy Ways To Use Cinnamon For Thicker Hair In 2023

How to use cinnamon for thicker hair?

There are two ways you can use cinnamon to stimulate hair growth and help them get thicker. Here are two cinnamon hair masks for thicker hair recommended by Dr Kapoor:

1. Add two tablespoons of freshly ground cinnamon, one spoonful of honey, and some coconut oil to the bowl. Mix and make a thick paste. Apply this magical mask to the scalp, and massage it nicely. Leave the mask on your hair for around 20 minutes, and you will be able to grow your hair faster.

2. Make a mixture of egg, coconut oil, and freshly ground cinnamon. Apply the thick paste on the scalp and wash after 30 minutes to promote hair growth and thicker hair.

Be mindful of how much cinnamon you use

If you’re convinced that cinnamon might work wonders for your hair, you can try it out. But before that, make sure you are checking with your doctor before trying any new home remedies. Also, how much cinnamon you use is important.
While cinnamon has been proven to be effective for hair growth and the overall health of your hair, it should be used in moderation. Any product used in excess can do more harm than good. Ensure you follow the instructions of your doctor and don’t exceed the usage recommended by the expert.

Do a patch test first before using the masks all over your hair. Also, don’t forget to talk to a doctor first.


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