Healthy Ways To Include Millet In Your Diet(2023)

Healthy Ways to include millet in your diet

Now that you know the health benefits of adding this super food to your diet, here are some ways to add millet to your diet:

  • Millet can be ground into fine flour and prepared roti/chapati and in dosa
  • Use it to prepare healthy cookies, breads, and burger buns by baking it.
  • Substitute millets in any rice-based dishes like kichidi, pulao, tamarind rice, bisibelebath, etc.
  • Puffed ragi/bajra/jowar can be an alternative to rice puff. Use them as a snack in chivda, murmura, and puffed rice balls (sweet). In addition to rice flakes, millet flakes are also offered in the market

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