Healthy Ways To Eat And Use Almonds For Glowing Skin In 2023

How to eat almonds for glowing skin?

You should eat a handful of almonds daily for their vitamin E and antioxidant benefits. But with many benefits of almonds, don’t forget to watch the portion size. Also, make sure you are eating soaked and peeled almonds!

Use almond paste and improve your skin. 

How to use almonds for glowing skin?

You can consume almonds daily for glowing skin and even trust some natural cures using almonds. Ever tried a DIY almond face mask, have you? While there are many ways to use almonds for skin, let us tell you one such mask.

Blend some almonds with a dash of yogurt and honey. Once the paste is prepared, apply it to your skin evenly and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. After rinsing your face, you can also give your face an ice massage for additional benefits. Make sure you roll a few ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth and then massage your face with ice cubes. Do not put ice cubes directly on your face, and use a cloth as a barrier instead.

Apart from an almond face mask, you could also massage almond oil onto your face before bedtime for added moisture and radiance. Almonds can nourish and rejuvenate your skin naturally!

So ladies, go and try almonds to get glowing skin naturally.

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