Healthy Ways To Avoid Malaria(2023)

How to avoid malaria

You can use two approaches, suggests the expert:

1. Prevent a mosquito bite

* Applying insecticide can kill adult mosquitoes
* Sleep under nets to prevent mosquito bites.
* Sleeping nets treated with insecticides are recommended in areas where malaria and mosquitoes are endemic. Pay particular importance to pregnant women and young children who are more vulnerable.
* Use mosquito repellent sprays or creams.
* Wear fully covered clothes to reduce your exposure to the body.
* Dusk to morning is when mosquitoes are most active, and therefore caution should be practiced.

2. Prevent mosquito breeding

* Don’t let water remain stagnant because mosquitoes reproduce by putting their eggs in it. By covering or removing any stagnant water from your home, you can keep them away from your property. It’s important to routinely check buckets, coolers, and other containers for standing water. Put some oil in the puddles around your home as a helpful rainy-season idea.

* Clear the litter, and don’t let any garbage accumulate near your home, especially in the yards, gardens, or compounds. Mosquitoes frequently find hiding places in trash. Regularly remove trash from your home, and make sure the neighbourhood is kept tidy. Make sure the garbage is cleaned up and properly disposed of.

* Use physical barriers by installing mosquito screens on your doors and windows. This way, you can effectively prevent them from getting inside your house. Your home will be effectively mosquito-proof if you do this and use an excellent insect repellent.

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