Healthy Ways On How To Make Aloe Ice At Home(2023)

How to make aloe ice at home?

To prepare aloe ice, all you need is water and aloe vera. Here’s the recipe by the expert you can try:

Take 3 stalks of freshly cut aloe vera and stand them in a bottle or jar until the yellow sap seeps out of it. Slice the aloe vera and scoop out the gel. Now, beat it in a blender until there are no chunks left. For making the aloe ice container, use an old-school hand brush for a comfortable grip. Transfer the gel into a bowl size bigger than the hand brush. Now, sink the bristles of the brush into the gel so that the top of the brush stays above the gel. Refrigerate overnight and use it on your face the next morning. Let the ice skin in and do its magic on your skin.

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