Healthy Tips To Get Rid Of Skin Problem In Monsoon(2023)

How to get rid of these common skin problem in monsoon?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to move to another location to cure the monsoon problems worries, just keep following these tips that may help you.

1. Damp scalp and skin are breeding grounds of fungi and bacteria and the main cause of skin problems. So, try to keep them dry.
2. The same goes for feet too. Avoid wet feet. Don’t walk around with wet shoes or socks as it can lead to infections.
3. Wash your face twice or thrice a day using a soap-free cleanser.
4. Use a toner after washing the face.
5. Use a good gel-based moisturiser which contains ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients.
6. Stay hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. The skin that is hydrated from the inside will glow from the outside.
7. Keep the makeup minimal and remove it before going to bed. Use powder-based makeup products to prevent skin pore clogging.
8. Avoid bathing or washing with hot water as it will strip the skin of the natural essential oils.
9. Avoid wearing artificial jewellery that can irritate the skin.

If these tips don’t help, make sure to visit a dermatologist to bid farewell to these common skin problems in monsoon.

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